The Internet of Things and Salesforce – A New Kind of Conversation

September 22, 2017by Admin

The Internet of Things or IOT, enabling everyday items to both send and receive data with the help of internet, is slowly and gradually entering our lives in various ways. Consumers can nowadays interact with regular routine and household objects in quite a smarter way. Inevitably, the IOT or Internet of Things and Salesforce will also form a genuine pairing.

There have been several experiences which one can have with the IOT. Remotely managing almost everything is now possible with IOT.

The Internet of Things and Salesforce: A New Type of Conversation

Human communication has been typically performed between the major two living beings, but with the advent of Internet of Things, we have indeed made a good amount of transitioned to a world where conversations between both humans and inanimate objects is possible.

It is now possible to monitor and control anything we want with built-in business logic, which already exists in the Salesforce orgs. Whether it is the medical devices that determine our health and react to all the wants and needs or also to the modern vertical farms that track the status of crops and at the same time control environmental conditions. Hence, it has been estimated that all of these things can be patched into a sales system to help build a smarter, more efficient systems.

Why businesses rushing to adopt IoT?

There appears to be various reason available for businesses to adopt to IoT service. Let us here discuss some of them:

  1. Everyone is adopting to it
  2. Businesses always wants to capture much data to find new patterns and insights
  3. Businesses is always said to believe it will help them reach their certain goals, such as moving from a product focused company to a complete service provider

The impact and importance of IoT 3.0 – The Connected Customer Experience

Our belief is that behind each device there is a customer, someone whose experience can be positively affected immediately, which is often when it matters most. We mostly think about customer experience first and how can it be improved to positively impact the overall brand.

Anyone these days can use technology but only the customer can create a unique experience that differentiates the brand in the market. The missing element, which connects the chain between brand and the customer, is IoT, hence, providing for an end-to-end process and outcome.

IoT works by simply connecting a device IoT platform to a business-engagement engine, in order to drive actions and measurable outcomes.