Top 5 Reasons Why SFDC Projects Fail!

September 12, 2017by Admin

Any kind of project SFDC project, whether small or a larger one – it can fail, unless some precautionary measures are not taken before or during the implementation. Invariably we might blame the Salesforce system and not how it was indeed implemented. When seen from a detailed perspective, it is quite surprising, that despite being such flexible tool – stories of Salesforce projects failing is not uncommon.

At CEPTES we had been working with several clients, and successfully assisted them to nail the reasons for failure of projects. Based on our experience, we have identified top 5 reasons for failure of such projects.

  • Losing focus from the core users and the requirements

When implementing SFDC, one of the topmost priority should be the needs of the core users. In many implementations, the clients lose focus from the requirements of the core users. Hence, they land up by wrongly focusing on requirements of non-core users. As a result, the core requirements and projects tend to fail.

  • Not selecting the correct edition

There are in fact many clients, who do settle for Professional Edition (PE) of, even when the need calls for an Enterprise Edition (EE) of When clients do that to save on the license cost – it has some large hidden cost of poor usability. Compromising on Edition when investing in Salesforce for prolonged period is definitely a wrong step. It is better to cut costs elsewhere and select the right Edition.

  • Making the system too complicated

One of the most common mistake that is done, is that, at times clients tend to make the system too complex. This can be considered as the common pitfall to make the entire system complex by making it do exactly in the similar manner as the existing one. While SFDC is quite a flexible tool and can always be implemented in the manner you need. However, making system complicated decreases its usability. On the other hand, keeping them simple is the mantra for Salesforce project success.

  • Not training the users extensively

On a general estimation, it has been seen that even if you have a great system, and all your users are not equipped to use it – you might be placed at losing the plot. It is by the process of extensive training of end users, that the absolute success of project is achieved.

The Salesforce releases enacts for major changes in their app each year. Hence, with each new release tons of features and characteristics are being released. If your users are not trained properly, over the new features, customizations – chances of your project to become a grand success might fail.

  • Lack of full time SFDC administrator

One of the most important point, which is usually neglected, is that, a continued support of your SFDC CRM application is far more important than the initial process of implementation. After spending your venture in buying licenses and as well hiring a consultant to implement, if you indeed cut corners by not hiring an effective SFDC administrator, rest assure that the project is on the path of failure.

A full-time administrator is the one, who always ensures that your end users are accurately supported, trained and coached. Hence, conforming that all the new features are rolled out effectively. Administrators confirms that you get the all desired value out of your CRM.