Upgradation of AppExchange – personalization and lightning tools added

October 29, 2017by Admin

#1 CRM platform, Salesforce® has announced the launch of an expanded version of the AppExchange. This version is being launched with an addition of new tools and as well with partnerships that customers can find on the enterprise marketplace. It is also said that they are adding some authentic search criteria along with personalized recommendations to the platform.

This new launch has been designated as an evolution of AppExchange, from a simple app directory to a “full grown ecosystem”. It has been estimated that almost 87% of Salesforce customers use AppExchange, from the very old marketplace. This latest update, with all the personalization features has been designed to expand the reach further. The executive VP of AppExchange, Leyla Seka, confirms that “This new version will indeed find the right solution and the potential solution which they didn’t know were previously available.”

The current update in AppExchange will make recommendations to all the customers based on factors like their installation history, the site activity, the profile data, their location and the activities of other similar customers. Hence, the search results will also be customized.

Meanwhile, continuing with the complete evolution from a simple app directory, AppExchange has been designed in a manner that will offer content from Trailhead Built on the Salesforce platform™, (Salesforce’s online platform). The Trailhead Trails is said to be embedded within the product collection pages, so that the customers can find some educational material, pertinent to the application they are indeed looking for.

The new version of the AppExchange includes, the Lightning Data, hence, giving customers access to some specialized data sets, which they can buy. It has been seen that the marketplace as well includes the Lightning Bolts, which is nothing but the out-of-the-box offerings from the Salesforce partners, involving the Lightning components, business logic and customer data.

Hence, ultimately AppExchange has become the hub where customers can get anything Salesforce related, Seka even claimed “whether you’re buying an app, a component, data set, or eventually maybe even a bot or algorithm.

Hence, the updates to AppExchange indeed coincide with the new data, therefore illustrating Salesforce’s impact over the economic genre. The novel research that is being sponsored by Salesforce, estimated that this release will drive almost 3.3 million new jobs and more than $859 billion business revenues by the year 2022 for Salesforce ecosystem of customers.

For each dollar Salesforce is estimated to make $5.18 by the year 2022, an IDC Estimation. The research firm has indeed reached this conclusion since, the spending on cloud computing subscriptions will do nothing but typically increase spending over the ancillary products and services, for instance the additional cloud subscription and the professional services or even the supporting software or hardware.