What Else You Need to Know About the Lightning Platform

April 20, 2018by Shreshth Tiwari

As technology is witnessing new innovations every year, people and businesses are collaborating more to get the best out of IT. App development is getting extremely accessible and enterprises are embracing IT in meaningful ways to develop their enterprise apps. With Lightning Platform, now Trailblazers can build apps quickly & easily. Lightning Platform is empowering app developers to turn their ideas into transformative working apps. It allows developers to develop something more meaningful while making them more productive.

How Is Lightning Platform Fast?
There are various tools from low code to code – App Builder, Lightning Flow, SalesforceDX, Heroku which make building apps extremely quick at every stage of app development – from designing to testing to releasing to managing. AppExchange (world’s largest ecosystem of pre-built business apps) allows developers focus on their customers without developing every app from the scratch.

How Is Lightning Platform Easy?
Lightning Platform has taken away complex technology services to reduce complications and streamline the entire app development lifecycle. Lightning standardizes globalization, process automation, search, reporting and many other processes. Integration tools are connecting every aspect. There are robust technologies like Einstein & IoT who are embedding seamlessly. In Lightning, Governance control & security are in-built with ALM, Sandboxes, changesets, scratch orgs, sharing rules and more. All these powerful tools make developing app in Lightning Platform very easy.

How is Lightning Platform Meaningful?
Lightning empowers every app developer to learn how to build apps and truly transform their business. You can have free access to hundreds of badges and guided learning tools which will help you to understand how your developed app can transform businesses.

What can you Build on Lightning Platform?
Any kind of app can be built on Lightning Platform. Enterprises from multiple industries have developed apps on Lightning Platform to personalize customer journeys, a single app to reduce dozens of data, drive the same level of productivity on mobile & on the desktop and much more. Contact us today to understand how the Lightning Platform is more than just an enhanced UX and an incredible app development platform.