Why to Insure Your Business with Salesforce Shield?

September 26, 2017by Admin

Every one of us is acknowledged with the term ‘Salesforce Shield’. It is a popular solution for many clients in the highly regulated industries, who are majorly concerned about data encryption and security. The industries that it has dealt with are healthcare, financial services, and even government.

To be very precise, one of Shield’s core services is Platform Encryption, it is said to encrypt sensitive data at rest while at the same time preserving business application functionality. With Shield, Salesforce is looking to strengthen its promise of taking the Trust Services to a complete next level.

Now, even the industries with regulatory and compliance requirements such as the Financial Services, Healthcare, and as well as the Public Sector can leverage all the speed and innovation of cloud computing with the authentic assurance of highest level of data protection, availability, and performance.

The needs of most of the specific industries can vary depending on the entire criticality of the data that needs to be managed and utilized. While there are some, who may need to track sensitive customer being exported. There are others who might need to encrypt them or maintain an audit trail of the entire data to safeguard data integrity.

The understandably high pressure of completely balancing the shift to the cloud platforms with meeting all the compliance needs has deterred several organizations from making the shift thereby being bereft from most of the benefits that it promises to bring along!

Salesforce Shield can hence be called a premium set of integrated services that is built natively in the Salesforce1 Platform. With it, comes all the capability to track the way in which the sensitive data is being used as well handled. It certainly is a strong and empowering tool for customers with complex governance and compliance needs. It helps them to be able to track data going back up to a period of almost ten years along with the sensitive data encryption.

The Salesforce Shield includes the following core services:

The Event Monitoring:
This feature gives all the Salesforce customers the transparent visibility into which users are indeed accessing what kind of data along which all the actions that they are taking on it.

The Field Audit Trial
Salesforce customers now also have the ability to go back and check their data state up to 10 years. It provides for the Audit trial data for up to 60 fields per object.

The Platform Encryption:
All sensitive data can now be very easily encrypted at rest without at any point hampering any business functionality.

The Transaction Security:
you can rest auusre on the fact that, users can add various processes to Event Monitoring using the complete transaction security feature.