Why your Business needs Salesforce CPQ

October 20, 2022by Sindhu M

The sales industry has evolved significantly over the last few decades. Customers have grown to be more cautious, and their purchasing decisions have become more complex as a result. They are not only well-informed, but also well-connected, and are looking for a reliable, responsive, quick, and productive channel.

As a result, in many companies, sales representatives often struggle to keep up with the demands of the customers. Be that they are struggling to balance product-pricing complexity, having a hard time upselling and cross-selling or preparing customized and up-to-date product quotes.

Sales teams need technology that allows them to respond quickly and adapt to changing customer needs while also reducing complexity. The hazards of making false quotes with inappropriate items and services are enormous and not something your business can afford in today’s extremely competitive and growing industry of sales. 

This is where Salesforce CPQ comes into the picture- which can help resolve these business challenges with its many advanced features. Keep reading to know more about this scalable, reliable and flexible solution that can optimize your sales process in no time.


What is Salesforce CPQ?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price Quote. It is an extension of your Salesforce CRM that allows you to create structured and scalable sales processes. With Salesforce CPQ, your sales representatives can sell more, fast and efficiently by automating and managing the process of quoting.


  • Configuring: This tool guides your sales representatives to select the best mix of products for each customer according to their needs. It does so by efficiently narrowing down the list of products based on the customer’s needs. So, the sales rep no longer has to manually search for the products- thus saving a lot of time.


  • Pricing: Salesforce CPQ assigns the price of the product automatically and assures the pricing and discount are accurate and optimized- without any scope of error.


  • Quote: Your sales representatives get automatically created quotes with all the information. CPQ ensures that proposals are prepared correctly and sent to customers with ease, all from within the Salesforce CRM.


In short, Salesforce CPQ makes sure that your representatives sell the right product combinations by controlling discounting and automating approvals. As a result, your business gets optimized sale processes assisting you in improving business sales and closing more deals effectively. Your sales reps spend more time selling and your company leaves less money on the table. It allows for consolidated access to all of your company’s products, services, accessible prices, and client data, resulting in a significant gain in efficiency.


Benefits of Salesforce CPQ



The traditional way of closing deals involves spreadsheets and emails- and a lot of them. Often, your Sales team is stuck relying on spreadsheets and emails, giving scope to errors in pricing and discounts. The worst-case scenario- losing potential customers. But Salesforce CPQ changes all of that!

All data and documentation are maintained in one place with Salesforce CPQ, allowing sales teams to save a lot of time. When a quote is accepted, the system may generate all of the necessary sales documentation automatically. There’s no need to keep copying the same material as a sale advances. Your sales teams’ productivity will skyrocket as a result of this. The more time they can devote to selling, the faster your revenue will increase.



There is no denying that personalization has taken the marketing world by storm. Personalization in sales is all about replacing a generic message with one that better addresses the individual or organization’s specific pain points. Customers don’t only respond to it more, but also expect it. 

Salesforce CPQ excels at exceeding customers’ expectations and providing a professional estimate that is free of errors. It facilitates the pursuit of sales and fosters buyer confidence. The more information sales reps have on a lead, the more effective they are. They can obtain essential data, such as lead scoring, using the Pardot and Salesforce CRM platforms together. This assists them in prioritizing their actions and identifying the most promising leads.



Since Salesforce CPQ is integrated with Salesforce CRM, you can easily have access to standard Salesforce dashboards, workflows, and reporting. This means enhanced opportunity visibility and automatic approvals, which is especially significant when using CPQ as a risk mitigation tool. In a traditional sales process, reviewing any discount or quote takes a lot of time, but that isn’t the case when working with Salesforce CPQ.

When Salesforce CPQ is integrated with your existing Salesforce data, it helps to ensure that deals aren’t lost due to sluggish or incorrectly generated quotations, missed up-sell chances, or out-of-date pricing. Salesforce CPQ, like other Salesforce applications, makes it simple to swiftly generate the relevant intelligence and reports.



Based on quote templates, unique format design, and setting different sections to use in contracts, Salesforce CPQ assists in the creation of an ideal document. Aside from getting the appropriate product at the right price, buyers must feel engaged and grasp the nuances of agreements. 

Throughout the sales process, your sales teams will have access to all buyer information. This will not only help your sales rep to close deals faster but also one with less scope of error.

Salesforce CPQ services


Another important feature of the Salesforce CPQ solution is its adaptability. Sales agents have several useful capabilities to generate customized proposals, from configuration to pricing and quotes. They can choose products or services straight from the catalogue and see associated deals or discounts in real-time. 

They can select from a variety of pricing options, including automated discounts, pre-negotiated prices, and subscriptions. They can also manage multiple quotes at once, allowing them to show their prospects a variety of options while keeping track of each proposal.



Salesforce CPQ is a low-cost solution that is a part of Salesforce CRM. The quotes that are created are professional, branded, and can include everything from cover letters to marketing materials, giving clients a professional impression.

With Salesforce CPQ, your sales team can focus on reproducing the best practices of selling, even with recruits Every department is on the same page, ensuring that no information is lost in the shuffle. The sales process is open and transparent, and everyone is held accountable. 


Summing Up

Salesforce CPQ is an affordable, scalable tool that will grow with your business needs. It can automate many paperwork processes, assuring efficiency and accuracy, resulting in quicker quote-to-cash cycles and profiting your business- both in the short and long term. It will be the perfect upgrade that will help your business stay ahead in the competition. 

Let’s get you started with Salesforce CPQ!