5 Ways Service Cloud is Driving Innovation in Service Industry

March 12, 2021by rashmita satpathy

Salesforce Service Cloud is raining the corporate world today because of its amazing power to help businesses better manage their customers (CRM), cut costs, augment operational efficiency, reach out to the new markets, make customers/clients happy, and discover new revenue sources. 

Cloud is driving innovation in the service industry by introducing agility and delivering outstanding value to modern businesses. 

In enterprises across the globe, the adoption of the cloud has now moved way beyond just attaining agility in technology or powering innovation at business.


How Service Cloud is Transforming Businesses?

Cloud is today, driving complete transformation across enterprises. A vast majority of modern enterprises, of small-size to mid-size and large-scale, have now become cloud-powered innovators. 

These innovator businesses are taking advantage of the Salesforce Service Cloud for venturing into new markets and industries, and for forging unique business models, and transforming & augmenting customer experience.

Innovators across industries leverage the cloud for creating new products & services and incorporate innovative channels/payment options in business models. 

Such is the power of the Salesforce Service Cloud that it helps innovators make the most of available skills across their ecosystems for crafting new capabilities to operate better. 

This, in turn, helps them shift business/industry economics to their own advantage. Salesforce Service Cloud is best suited for driving innovation across industries that one of the key risks facing cloud-enabled trailblazers is a “swift follower” business competitor applying cloud’s power for leapfrogging and advancing over them.



Salesforce Service Cloud Empowers the Service Industry to:

  • Better manage their sales activities and contacts
  • Boost their win rates significantly
  • Increase revenue by 30% and more
  • Multiply sales productivity by more than 35%
  • Improve and expand the features of services while enhancing ease-of-use
  • Craft sophisticated and smooth customer journey to fit their (customers’) unique contexts and preferences
  • Swiftly prototype, create and deploy services
  • Reach out to newer marketplaces and customers
  • Foray into new industry and segment


Some five-six years ago, most enterprises started adopting cloud with the sole purpose of cutting costs and streamlining their IT infrastructure. Now, there is a huge possibility of any organization being trumped by your competition if you still haven’t harnessed the immense power and capability of the cloud for achieving innovation in your business.  


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Can the Service Industry use Cloud for Driving Innovation? If Yes, How?

If the cloud is still beyond your reach and you are wondering how it can help drive innovation in your business, let me explain and help you understand it. When everything is on the cloud, you save the time, effort, and space required to maintain heavy documents. 

At the same time, you save the hassle of transferring data among different departments. With the Salesforce collaboration cloud, collaboration, teamwork, and customer relationship management (CRM) become so easy and that helps businesses provide better quality services to their customers. And, needless to say, happy customers mean more loyal customers and more business.

Deploying the Salesforce Service Cloud strategy can be pivotal for running and completely transforming the operations in your organization on the cloud, bringing costs down, improving agility, and for providing end-to-end solutions that are in compliance with the set standards.

When you move your enterprise on the cloud, there appears a totally new set of challenges and these include:

  • Security
  • Downtime
  • Compliance
  • Budget constraints


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Summing Up 

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