How to be a smarter real-estate business owner by streamlining your sales cycle?

June 3, 2020by Shreshth Tiwari

Technology has transformed several industries. Today we see barely any industry left that is not leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies in order to make multiple processes streamlined and sell smarter. Real estate which is being considered as a traditionally unorganized sector, is one such niche that has been a little slower to adopt new trends. But, that era has shifted. Next-gen realtors are using various technologies to reach their customers, drive a high level of personalized engagement, and close deals faster. 

As much as you’d love to get more customers and grow your business, doing so is not always seamless. Optimizing automation to streamline the sales process is one of the reasons for this, but planning & implementing it efficiently, has always been a challenge. In order to help realtors seamlessly manage various workflows and experience a 360-degree view of each of their customers to nurture new business opportunities, we have introduced a comprehensive real-estate automation suite. 

As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, our offered real-estate automation suite built on the top of the world’s #1 CRM platform Salesforce will help next-gen realtors, real estate agents, brokerage firms spend less time on complicated processes and more time growing business portfolios by selling smarter. 

With our real-estate automation tool, every lead gets automatically funneled ensuring zero lead leakage & secures intelligent sales recommendations with a complete 360-degree customer view. 15+ in-built striking features will help real-estate business owners reimagine their sales strategies. 

Intelligent Lead Management: Capture leads from multiple sources and automatically route them to different sales agents based on their availability, segment, location, etc. The intuitive application will automatically send emails to the captured leads based on their interest levels. The entire process and lead status can be monitored with a complete customer view. 

Automatic Documentation: Automate the entire manual paperwork related to documentation & billing process starting from document generation to sending. Generate sales & agreements in one click, auto-share documents to the customers for e-signature & integrate billing & accounting processes with the system.

Dashboards & Reporting: Experience a complete view of every business aspect such as properties, customers, partners, sales reports, campaigns, financial reports, etc. from a single dashboard. Generate customized sales reports based on demographics, property types, monthly sales, sales agents to optimize sales processes and generate more leads.

Mobility: Access all the information on the go. Sales agents can get all the information related to customers, property, pricing details, reports, etc. readily available on their mobile devices, all in real-time.

Campaign Management: Automate your entire marketing process & campaigns & manage them from a single place with intelligent features and generate more leads. Predict trends, forecast sales pipeline, and nurture all your leads with highly personalized messaging to make them sales-ready. 

Customizations & Integrations: Customize the way you want. The solution will accommodate all your business needs and make your complex processes streamlined & smooth. Bring in all your other third-party systems (ERP, Accounting, HR, other apps) to a single integrated place by integrating with our offered real-estate automation system. 

Improve your sales processes, achieve greater visibility, reduce significant operational costs & time, enhance productivity, and ensure a comprehensive 360-degree customer view with our dynamic real-estate automation solution. To know more, click here.

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