Salesforce Anywhere App: What are the top benefits?

October 22, 2021by Ananya Mohapatra

The COVID-19 pandemic has paved the way for an all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. There’s an emerging trend towards developing and utilizing innovative tools which can help people collaborate digitally and extensively. 

For innovating the digital experience Salesforce platform launched a cloud-based mobile collaboration tool: Salesforce Anywhere App. 

What is a Salesforce Anywhere App?

Salesforce Anywhere App is here to help businesses improve their productivity and customer satisfaction in the new normal. The real-time collaboration CRM tool will give you an entirely new CRM experience over mobile and desktop. 


“Salesforce Anywhere is a web-based collaboration, marketing, and service tool for businesses.”

The Benefits of Using Salesforce Anywhere: 

  • Ascertain AI-prompted actions

Salesforce Anywhere App offers real-time notifications as well as a list of AI-suggested actions for dealing with a specific alert. It makes the process as:


 You receive an alert message,


The app will present you with data,


 Enabling you to take lightning-quick actions


Leveraging the responses suggested by the AI-powered Einstein analytics tool, build future-action strategies anywhere, from any device.

  • Get smooth access to real-time data

The Salesforce App collects real-time data and places all the data into an advanced mobile-only application. It helps you to surface data & pipeline updates in real-time. 

The app aids you in gaining access to real-time sales and service data, allowing you to make faster and informed decisions. 

Keep all customer data, chat interactions, and other information in the app and access it anywhere, at any time.



  • Stay up to speed

Salesforce Anywhere App helps you speed up your CRM activities and sales processes leveraging its real-time alerts and notification features. 

The app gives you opt options to get real-time alerts on any device, and at any time. It has an exclusive option of personalized alerts as well, by opting for which you’ll get an alert message right to your phone whenever an important change occurs. 

  • Personalized sales pitch

The mobile app smoothens the access of the Salesforce database for you. It empowers you to access pertinent data anytime and use it to personalize your sales pitch.

So, rather than using a default sales pitch for every prospect, you can personalize every sales pitch for every individual lead. In this way, you can amplify the overall sales performance of your company and flourish and thrive in the market.

Bottom line:

Salesforce Anywhere App enables your sales team to communicate apace, collaborate in context and take steps to grow your business. 

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