Salesforce ISV Application Design- The Right Strategy

June 6, 2022by Surajit Mohanty


Being the #1 cloud computing marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange offers an enormous market for CRM-adjacent solutions. ISV partners who leverage Salesforce efficiently can grow faster and gain a strong market position using the extensive AppExchange ecosystem. The Salesforce platform is considerably distinct from other platforms in terms of product development. It demands extensive technical knowledge of best practices, frameworks, and scalable ways. On top of that, passing the Security Review is rather challenging. 


As an ISV, you can shorten time-to-market by partnering with a PDO specialized in development, legal, and technology. Choosing the right partner who can help you manage and comprehend Salesforce product management and market alignment is always a winning go-to-market strategy. Salesforce ISV application design can be completed in a variety of methods. We’ve laid out the optimal strategy, which includes certain tried-and-true concepts. Here are some guidelines you can follow to ensure product success on AppExchange.

Assess Product Market-Fit


To have the best chance of establishing product-market fit, you must first validate your idea. Your PDO partner can help you here.

To launch a successful product, you must first identify the right product-market fit for your idea and then highlight the features that will make your application valuable to your users. It all starts with posing questions and then undertaking market research to ensure that the responses are as precise as possible.

You can begin by asking critical questions such as, “What are the business challenges we can solve?”, “How are we solving them?” and “Who are we solving them for?”. Do solid competitive research, determine your USPs, and establish a product roadmap. 

Project Mapping & Cost Estimation


After determining product-market fit, you need to focus on architectural alignment with products for integration. It is critical to design a reliable, best-practice architecture for a perfect solution & user experience. After this, you can establish an implementation strategy and an MVP roadmap and estimate the associated expenses.

Functional and technical architecture is critical to a successful product. To ensure that, you have to take care of many considerations.  



Design Thinking


Design Thinking

                                                                      (Design Thinking for ISV Application)


With design thinking, you can offer a comprehensive mobile and desktop experience that appeals to your users. 

Design thinking can be established through a variety of steps, including discovery, definition, UX design & testing, and auditing. 

  • The discovery stage comprises qualitative research & process assessments to better understand users & their needs.
  •  The defining stage is what connects internal and external employee experiences with business and technological capabilities to drive solutions. 
  • The UX design and test stage include collaborative revision and design validation. 
  • Finally, the audit stage checks design deliverables with development deliverables.

Salesforce Security and Compliance


Staying Compliant is the main delay challenge faced by ISVs. If everything is executed precisely, the procedure can take some months. Inefficient operations may double or triple the go-live time of your AppExchange product, putting potential strategic returns at risk.

Most ISV applications have permissible identified vulnerability issues that need approval by Salesforce and going for a pre-clearance will save you from unnecessary delays.


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