Start your Salesforce career: 6 insights from Salesforce developers

October 6, 2021by Sindhu M

A famous Chinese proverb goes, ‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step’? The nature of progression in our lives can’t be explained better. You just have to take action, as all great things, including a career in Salesforce, just start with simple beginnings!

So if you are planning to start your Salesforce career, ‘seeking advice from qualified Salesforce developers’ is the first thing that should strike your mind. Their insights will help you in knowing all the nitty-gritty involved in Salesforce, helping you make some informed decisions in your career.

Therefore, let’s get an overview of things required to start your journey in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Things you are required to know before you start your Salesforce career:

  • Deciding whether you want a career in Salesforce

This is the most important yet highly ignored piece of advice given by the Salesforce developers. You should know the answer to the question, “Why do you want to start a career in Salesforce?”

If you are clear in your head regarding this question, then almost everything is sorted in the preparatory stage of your journey. 

It is alright if you want to join Salesforce because of these reasons: it offers exciting growth opportunities for your career, increasing requirement for Salesforce developers in the market, need of skill set for this job which motivates you to explore this avenue, your existing skillset proves apt for the job, easy availability of necessary training material for the job, or any other reason.

The point being, there can be myriads of reasons behind your call, however, you have to make sure that your reason for deciding this career is strong enough to keep you motivated in the long run!

  • Try to get acquainted with the know-how of Salesforce before commencing your training

It is always useful to have some familiarity with the working of Salesforce before you begin any training. This would help you in determining the areas where you need to focus extra during your training. 

Have some tips regarding what all you can do? Here you go, you can start a career in Salesforce by learning about Salesforce through its own well-curated and guided online tutorials for all the newbies: Trailblazers. Through this platform, you can get the hands-on skills required to be an efficient Salesforce developer, Salesforce administrator, marketer, and business analyst, etc.

If you are new to the objective-orientated programming method, or java, you can easily learn them from the amazing tutorials available on YouTube for free of cost.

Do make maximum use of Trailhead by practicing your setup, earning badges and certifications, which would help you in building requisite skills for Salesforce developers!

  • Apart from improving your technical skills, also focus on nourishing your soft skills

Remember as a Salesforce developer, it is not necessary that you will always stick to your system, and never interact with the customers. As a part of your work profile, you may be required to interact with customers, understand their problems with patience and empathy, and solve their every query to secure their satisfaction.

On top of it, you may be the one who would be interacting with the potential clients of the company related to their project requirements or any other work. For all these reasons, it is highly advisable to develop your soft skills so that you can become an indispensable asset for your company.

Try to inculcate good time management skills so that you can efficiently handle different works at the same time. Have a problem-solving approach while dealing with the problems, and adopt an empathic approach while interacting with any client. Other than these, make sure you have good communicative skills, and you could work comfortably in a team!



  • Choose the right training provider for your career as a Salesforce developer

Once you have nourished your soft skills for getting a good start in your Salesforce career, it is time to find the right training provider. You can browse some of the courses from Trailhead Academy authorized training provider courses. Apart from these courses, look for other platforms like Google Digital Garage, Udemy, Salesforce Ben, and many other mediums.

Almost every platform providing any course or certification for Salesforce development gives you some sample training classes, which allow you to check whether you are able to understand the concepts clearly or not. So kick off your training after carefully deciding the right training provider as per your requirements and convenience.

  • Understanding the nature of work

It is important to understand what all activities are actually involved in the working life of a Salesforce developer. You, as a developer, code the project as per the needs and requirements of the company or clients.

Your work schedule can also involve the collection and analysis of data, making reports, and process automation. You may also be involved in different activities like work review, team meetings, data manipulation, and other related stuff depending upon the circumstances.

  • Be prepared for challenges!

Don’t venture onto the journey of Salesforce development with an assumption of it being a smooth ride. This voyage would be an adventurous one where you will be encountering challenges at regular intervals. 

For instance, though you could be associated with program development, you could have regular instances of interacting with people. At times, you could even be a part of group discussions, therefore stay there for unexpected challenges that could come your way.

If you are not accustomed to intensive reading, develop that habit as preparations for trailhead trials would require you to undergo intense reading. Moreover, if you do not have any technical knowledge, then it may take time for you to get adapted to programming and everything. However, as said earlier, you have to stay there, keep learning, and then see the results!

Note: Hope you found these insights from Salesforce developers useful for making your career choice. Make sure you learn from their experiences and develop the right skill set for starting a Salesforce career. For more such content, keep following our blog. Thanks for reading!