Service Cloud Knowledge Base: Increase Customer Satisfaction

Let’s admit it, people today are impatient. Born in the age of the internet, access to goods and services has been quite easy for us. This impatience has impacted how we seek solutions for our tech-related issues as well.  

This is why it becomes important for companies to serve customers fast as 97% of consumers globally base their brand loyalty depending on customer service. And that’s where Salesforce Knowledge Base comes into the picture. Not only it helps customer service executives in catering to the customer fast but also helps customers in resolving issues by themselves. 

We feel an in-depth discussion about the Service Cloud Knowledge base is essential. So here we go!


What’s Knowledge Base all about?

After selling a product or rendering a service to your customer, the job doesn’t quite end. In the lifetime of that product or service, there would be several points where they may want to know how to get started, how to maximize usage, and especially how to troubleshoot. 

Now if we begin employing one customer service agent with every customer that would be costly for the organization. And this is where Salesforce Knowledge Base comes into the picture. It’s a tool to help companies step up their game in customer support. As a business house, you could assemble experts and create contents that address customer pain points in the form of FAQs, User Manuals, and so on. 

Salesforce knowledge is part of the service cloud which helps businesses in getting a holistic view of the customer and providing an array of services to them. Salesforce knowledge is useful as businesses are helped in building a knowledge base or knowledge management system for their customers and customer service representatives. 

So how does it help? Well, the customers are benefited as they get to leverage the collective wisdom and they can even ask questions from the community members. A user can easily locate the articles without any hassles. On the other hand, your customer support agent also finds the right answer to the issues fast as compared to traditional means. 


Features of Salesforce Knowledge Base

There are several reasons why this knowledge base is preferred over any other solutions. Here we define some of the features that make it worthwhile. 

  • Defining Article types

What if a customer wants to read only the ‘introductory content’, or if they are scourging for some ‘Quick tips’ related to some service? The knowledge base allows making this distinction and segregating your content based on such types. You can even segregate the content based upon the target audience. So if you wish to categorize the articles based on the experience level or job profile of the reader, the knowledge base provided this facility. 

Seems simple right? Yes, this simplicity is seldom provided by other providers that make customers come to us!

  • Draft, Publish & Archive

There may be some content that you don’t wish to publish at one go. Maybe you would like to bring some additions or cut out some content before hitting the publish button. This is possible with a knowledge base as you get the ‘draft’ option that you might’ve encountered in several social media sites such as LinkedIn, Quora, and so on. The goal is to make the whole system so easy to use that you feel like you’re using social media. 

We also provide an ‘Archive’ option that enables archiving the already published article. 

  • Content Voting

Knowing what content is found useful by other users helps in easy navigation for customers. Salesforce knowledge provides this quintessential feature that helps customers and business houses alike in finding relevant content and creating a repository of content sharing the same ethos. 

The customer can use old-school methods such as thumbs up/thumbs down as well as stars (1 to 5) to rate content. 

  • Multilingual functionality

English is indeed a universal language but some people may not be quite comfortable with it. This is where this feature comes to the rescue as it provides users’ geo-location-based redirecting to make it multilingual. This means the user would be able to read and absorb the content in the language they are comfortable in. 

  • Edit & Updates 

Same as the draft function, this edit feature also allows unmatched custom-ability to the business houses where they can keep themselves updated with the latest changes in trends and update their content accordingly.


Benefits of Salesforce Knowledge Base

So apart from easy knowledge access to customers, what are the benefits that this service confers? Let us know in detail.

  • Case deflection

Simply stated, this term refers to a situation when customers can find their answers to issues they would otherwise have to seek support for. A good centralized repository eliminates such needs and consequently leads to satisfied customers as most people wish to solve their own issues instead of reaching out to customer service executives. 

  • Hiring fewer customer service agents

A natural consequence of case deflection would be cost-saving within the organization. This is because the customer service representatives would be unoccupied with mundane query solving and engaged in more productive tasks. The companies could upskill the existing customers’ service agents and freeze hiring for the new entrants. 

  • Increased knowledge gaining for Customer service agents

Having a centralized repository of organized content would help the agents in navigating speedily over the content for finding the optimum solutions for customers that reach out to them. They would be better equipped to deal with complex queries and consequently increase customer satisfaction and customer retention in the long term. 


Getting the customized Cloud-based Knowledge base

Having known everything about the Salesforce Knowledge base now if you wish to transform the way your enterprise handles customer support, do reach out to us at Ceptes. We have helped our clients improve their customer support by 2 times on average and we wish to serve you as well. 

Reach out to us or schedule a call today! We’d be happy associating with you!