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5 Tools For Salesforce Org Health Check

Salesforce as a platform provides valuable functionalities for businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, when it comes to implementing the right Salesforce strategy suitable for your business, it has a lot of gears involved in working together. Apart from your regular operations of the organization, there arises a requirement to ensure that it runs seamlessly.

Instead of waiting for a disaster to approach and hinder your operability, a regular health check can allow you to keep security risks at bay and operate free from any unforeseen issues. Salesforce org health check can be a proactive method to ensure that your organization’s digital operations run securely and perform efficiently, providing you an edge over your competition.

What is Salesforce Org Health Check?


A Salesforce Org Health Check can be considered as a regular health check-up at your doctor’s, allowing you to ensure that everything is working perfectly fine. Apart from the good stuff, it will enable you to leverage any impending dangers that might be hanging over your organization.

A detailed Salesforce health check gives you details about your org’s processes, security settings, and workflows, giving your team a heads up on any of the issues and resolving them.

Why Should You Go For A Salesforce Org Health Check?


A routine Salesforce Org Health Check has its own set of advantages. Apart from a routine update, it also helps you identify certain loopholes that might go unnoticed otherwise.

  • Improved efficiency of your Salesforce org, leading to better ROI
  • Provides a detailed view of how to move forward with your Salesforce org’s optimization
  • Allows you to give a clear picture of your Salesforce org’s data security
  • Improved user adoption and overall productivity

Tools To Conduct Salesforce Org Health Check

  • Apex PMD Tool

PMD Tool is a popular source code analyzer for Java and many more languages. Salesforce recently collaborated with open source developers to create a powerful and equally functional tool called Apex PMD which supports Apex language.

Being a free tool, it is easily accessible and looks into two types of issues- DML operations or software queries within a loop. Using its functionalities, it can find out the deviations of Salesforce best practices. Common programming flaws like unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creations, etc., can be easily looked into using Apex PMD.

You can also create Salesforce org error reports using the Apex PMD tool.

  • Salesforce Health Checker Tool

If you’re a Salesforce Administrator, you can use its in-built health checker tool to find and analyze errors and vulnerabilities in your org from a single dashboard.

What makes Salesforce’s health checker tool even better is that you can compare it with Salesforce’s yardstick standard scores against your health check score. This tool defines risks based on its volume of impact and risks, ranging from low to high, allowing you to prioritize them accordingly.

The Salesforce Health Checker Tool is free and provides faster results. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to set up and use it quite efficiently within your organization.

  • Check Marx Apex Code Scanner

Again, powered by Salesforce, the Check max Apex Code Scanner effectively runs an org health check. The Check Marx scanner runs as a security check on your Salesforce org and gives a detailed report of the risks and loopholes based on the quality of code and security. As it runs the test, it compares it with the Salesforce baseline standards and best practices.

It is often referred to as the tool that provides the most accurate information in code security. It involves three easy steps to use- visit the portal, type in your Salesforce instance and choose the type of scan you want to run. There’s an option to use a Security Profile Quality Profile or both before going for the scan.

You will receive a detailed report in your connected email with the risks identified and the most effective ways to rectify them as you submit them.

It is a paid tool available at $59k per year for 12 developers. However, it is worth the cost considering the degree of functionalities available.

  • Manual Org Assessment

A manual org assessment is an alternative if you don’t want to go for any of the available tools. It can be considered in situations where your internal team has the expertise and knows your Salesforce org inside out.

However, before going for a manual org assessment, it is always recommended to have a process in place. A checklist of sorts, if you may.

Some of the criteria you can base your manual org assessment upon are:

    • Data storage
    • License usage
    • Workflows vs Triggers implementation
    • Batch classes and scheduler per object
    • Record and ownership skews
    • Standard vs custom development
    • Custom setting or Metadata configuration for controlling Triggers

  • Salesforce Accelerator

Salesforce Accelerator is an underrated tool to make your Org health great again.

It is an on-demand tool and is usually available if a user is facing issues with their Salesforce instance to get individualized technical support from their team. This tailored guidance can allow you to resolve the problems within your Salesforce Org and bring it back up and running in no time.

This service from Salesforce is available to businesses as part of the Salesforce Premier Success Plan. You need to submit a request on the Help and Training portal, and a certified specialist will get in touch with you. These specialists then go through your Org’s risks and vulnerabilities in around 3-4 weeks and provide you with a report of the issues for the same.

The Salesforce Accelerator can turn out to be an excellent tool in case you believe that your organization has the resources to become a part of the Premier Success Plan, allowing you on-time reports from within Salesforce.


Conclusion: A Thorough Org Health Check Improves Productivity


A balanced and routine Org health check is a reality check on how your current Salesforce org is functioning and what can be improved about it for better results.


If you are a business looking forward to technical support for your Salesforce Org’s health, Get in touch with us at CEPTES. With over a decade of experience and a 200+ strong team of Salesforce experts, we’re here to ensure that your business can embrace Salesforce more effectively, leading to higher ROI.


CEPTES Marks 11 Years of Delivering Transformative Solutions

“Achieving Customer Satisfaction and Customer Transparency is and will be our primary goal.”

It’s our 11th Anniversary, and CEPTES, being a pioneering leader in cloud technology and Salesforce services for customers across the globe – is having a whale of a time celebrating its 11 years of innovation.


Company Founders & Directors says:

Customer Satisfaction is the key to our success. We would happily accept working hard until the customer expectations are fulfilled under the set time and budget without compromising the quality.

Even after fulfilling the promised service, we are committed to customer support for years whenever there’s a need.”

11 years of successful operations is a remarkable milestone for any company. CEPTES has achieved this success through the passion, dedication, and hard work of our team members.

The inception of CEPTES is the result of our resolution to bring technological innovation and commitment to providing world-class service to our customers.

The formation of CEPTES focused on providing tailor-made Salesforce solutions for our clients that could further enhance the platform’s effectiveness and built teams of passionate and skilled individuals bent on delivering perfection in every project.

Life at CEPTES has been a time of profound professional activity, encouraging initiatives, and action-packed projects, all of which were achieved together with our immensely talented and valuable teams.

Our Achievements:

Strong customer relations, trust, and satisfaction are our major achievements. And if you talk about other successes over the years, the milestones we have achieved: 

  • 7+ Products and Solutions Listed in AppExchange
  • 200+ Happy clients Across five continents
  • 80% Salesforce Certified Employees
  • 200+ Successful Projects
  • 3 Global Offices
  • 200+ Employees and Growing
  • A CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Score of More than 9 




As we reflect on over the 11 yrs. of hard work and success, we can’t refrain from but feel proud as we think about all the amazing customer experience we enhanced by building top-notch Salesforce Solutions.


The Journey Of 11 Years:

Retrospecting over the past eleven years, it has been exciting to see CEPTES ascend as a reputable Salesforce SI & ISV partner known for establishing market leadership for its customers through cutting-edge IT solutions.

Back in 2010, our founding members saw the potential of Salesforce technology and started on a journey to build solutions that would meet the rising Salesforce demands.

The year 2011 brought us a great experience of moving to a new office. It was only the beginning. By 2017, we moved to phase II with three global offices. 


We have built seven enterprise products: DataBakup, DataConnectiva, DataArchiva, XfilesPro, Encryptik, RealE 360, InleData, and DocuPad, with the last three products being launched during the pandemic.

We are proud of our in-action teams, every member packed with a professional drive, creative and innovative ideas, and absolute determination. Starting with only two employees to scaling our team to 200+ employees with more than 80% of Salesforce Certified professionals, we have come a long way.  

Our success is directly proportional to our client’s success and happiness. We trust that our professional consultations and insights will bring about our client’s success.

We believe that when our clients are stronger, so are we.


Summing Up:

Over the last 11 years, CEPTES’s vision has become a reality.

We wholeheartedly thank all our employees who are putting their continuous efforts to make CEPTES a trusted, reliable, and recognized Salesforce ISV, SI, and PDO partner.

CEPTES also takes this opportunity to show our gratitude towards all our customers for involving us in their business success journey for the past 11 years. We always look forward to assisting you in your Salesforce journey.

Climb Success Ladder Faster with CEPTES
ceptes, Salesforce, Salesforce Developer

Climb Success Ladder Faster with CEPTES

Salesforce is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the IT industry. With cloud gaining popularity among modern businesses, the need for a Salesforce cloud solution is on a rapid rise. As a result, the demand for qualified and competent individuals with expertise in Salesforce is also rising. A career in Salesforce development can be immensely rewarding provided that you join the right team and good organization, such as CEPTES – a top-rated Salesforce Certified Silver Partner.

Joining CEPTES could be the wisest and the best decision you will ever make towards ornamenting your curriculum vitae and adding value to it. Some of the top reasons why CEPTES is the best workplace for you include-


Rewards and Recognition: 

Undeniably, money is the biggest motivator for any job or business we endeavor in, but, at the same time, we all strive for recognition also for our efforts. At CEPTES, you will get amply rewarded and recognized for all your valuable contributions on the job.


Rewards & Recognition 

A Culture of Innovation: 

Innovation is not just an expectation here, but it is also a culture we foster. In other words, every employee is encouraged to share his/her innovative ideas, participate in brainstorming sessions that lead to innovation, and frankly & fearlessly come up with unique suggestions that may help product/service/solution/process improvement.


A Culture of Innovation

Flexible Working: 

Some of us are highly productive in morning hours whereas others tend to work more efficiently in the second half of the day. Therefore, we understand these human limitations and encourage you to work at your preferred shift (from the available options in your department).


Flexible Working


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Great Learning with Industry Experts: 

We are happy to have some of the brightest and most brilliant Salesforce experts as our team members. When working with these highly skilled people, you stand to gain a lot in your learning and knowledge about the Salesforce technologies.

In short, you will climb the success ladder faster with CEPTES as you learn more and achieve more in all spheres of the fantastic platform called Salesforce.

Some of the challenging and significant roles you can apply for include:

You can join our ever-expanding team of Salesforce experts at different levels – from entry-level to mid-level and senior management.

Salesforce business analyst – As an analyst, you will closely monitor the progress of the company and competition, figuring out what works the best and what doesn’t, create user requirements for the implementation of Salesforce.

Salesforce functional consultant – You need to have Salesforce implementation skills and expertise in other features as well. You will be someone who accepts user requirements and interprets these into solutions that are ready to be implemented. No or little coding is required as point & click functionality is used for the purpose.

Salesforce Architect- As a Salesforce architect, you will be overseeing and supervising complex solutions and ensuring their success.

Salesforce Developer- As a Salesforce developer, you will be working on various client projects – helping our clients get the most of Salesforce as a SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS solution.


You can also apply for AppExchange roles that include:

Implementation Experts – From simple Salesforce implementation that even a Salesforce Admin can also handle highly complex Apps like Accounting packages or CPQ tools, you will make sure performance is done professionally and immaculately.

Support Roles – Apps need ongoing support, and this is what you will be doing if you opt for support roles.

You can assume many other roles and responsibilities, depending on your qualifications, expertise, experience, skill-set, and interest. Please visit our careers section or connect with the HR team to explore great career opportunities for you at CEPTES.

Conquering the Cloud: CEPTES Journey So Far
ceptes, Salesforce Integration

Conquering the Cloud: CEPTES Journey So Far

  • The journey started in 2010 with just a couple of employees and customers across the US and India. Ten years ago, we endeavored to help global IT firms move their sales & services operations to the cloud. Since then, there has been no looking behind. Within a year of its foundation, CEPTES expanded its services to the Netherlands and added more customers. Today, we are happy to announce that we have 200+ customers, and our workforce is growing stronger by the minute!

Today, CEPTES is an accredited and highly sought-after Salesforce Service provider among businesses looking to tap the Salesforce cloud’s immense potential. As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, we strive to deliver high-performing, out-of-the-box, and lightweight cloud solutions to businesses worldwide. 

In our journey so far, we’ve worked with some of the top-notch companies and brands that were looking for innovative and high-performing Salesforce solutions, such as:

  • Complaint handling and risk management with Salesforce-powered solution – We automated the client’s entire operation, thereby making it more accessible, better, and faster.
  • Donor portal for an NGO – As a result, the NGO can keep better track, manage, and retrieve its donor records.
  • A healthcare service provider with Salesforce Lighting Migration – Leading to significant revenue growth and improved operations across departments. 
  • Vehicle repair and service appointment solutions through Salesforce – We helped the client streamline the process for their end-users with the Salesforce cloud solution.

We’ve helped countless businesses understand the cloud’s significance by helping them to scale up their operations with the Salesforce cloud. 

At CEPTES, we follow a methodical process to empower businesses with the cloud. Our unique approach focuses on multi-cloud, so you have a robust platform that allows you access to customer data in 360 degrees. 

We leverage sales cloud, community cloud, service cloud, and Pardot to implement multi-cloud solutions that empower businesses with 360 View of Customer Relationships. 

Companies that employ multi-cloud customer 360 Solutions are on a winning edge by offering highly personalized and customized services to their customers. 


What’s the Buzz Around SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS?


What's the Buzz Around SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

Businesses can boost their productivity & efficiency without adding to the costs with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. At CEPTES, we help companies integrate these three services and start using them immediately for enhanced profitability. 

The mistake lies in the approach: migration first. 

When adopting the cloud, most enterprises treat it like another hosting environment where they can dump their problematic and sluggish internet legacy and IT systems. 

This way, these companies might succeed in cutting down their costs of infrastructure and enhance performance, they end up short-circuiting their cloud-adoption process as they follow the legacy-first path and fail to take advantage of the highly flexible, modern platform. 

Most organizations end up missing almost 80% of the benefits that the cloud can offer. 


The Solution!


The Solution


At CEPTES, we focus on Salesforce integration, customization, and implementation of all Salesforce products and solutions. However, our expertise lies in building, developing, and deploying enterprise-grade applications at blazing fast speeds. 

Large enterprises should grasp the power of the cloud-first and understand how it is different from the legacy system by working on small but essential proof-of-concept projects on varied topics, including artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, and many more. 

Pursuing these will help enterprises better understand the cloud’s security issues, build a development pipeline, and benefit from this fantastic technology’s elastic principle. 

Since a data center may not be the best place to accommodate these innovations, it’s recommended that you employ these innovations for prototyping a feasible agile approach of DevOps.

Unburdened by the legacy system’s constraints, the new and unique capabilities of the cloud offer great flexibility and produce fantastic gravitational pull within your organization. Businesses can leverage the most actual potential of the cloud to save costs. But they must ensure they derive maximum value for their money while opting for the cloud. There are two ways in which you can adopt Salesforce cloud – one is the subscription model wherein you pay upfront, and the other is the pay-per-use. However, each model has its risks and benefits.

You may end up incurring more expenses with the subscription model in case service consumption is not monitored, and the company continues to pay for a service no longer in use. Conversely, pay-per-use may put your operations in trouble as you never know how soon the budget may deplete in the event when consumption exceeds forecasts.

It is, therefore, pertinent to align the decisions of purchasing the cloud with the critical objectives of your business. Whether your goal is to cut the costs or increase flexibility or both? Shadow-IT-assessments and identifying the cloud services being used that have been bought outside of the control of the IT dept. In short, it is essential that you have complete visibility of cloud services in use by your organization to ensure you save costs and manage security vulnerabilities.


CEPTES – Helping Global Businesses Tap Salesforce Cloud’s Potential for their Advantage

If you have been struggling to reduce costs and digitize your sales & marketing operations, Salesforce Cloud should be on your shopping list. Call us to discuss how CEPTES can help you employ Salesforce Cloud for your business gains. Connect with us or request for a demo here.

Top 6 Reasons I Love to Work at CEPTES

Top 6 Reasons Why I Love to Work at CEPTES

CEPTES is flourishing! The past decade’s growth has been phenomenal, and the company is heading for unprecedented growth soon, despite the pandemic. We all aspire to do something genuinely great and fulfilling. Having spent almost 2.5 years on the job here, I have been excited, appreciated, and inspired by the wonderful people I call my colleagues here! This fast-growing Salesforce company offers immense opportunities for growth and success for Salesforce professionals like me.

Using technology for innovation, CEPTES is the best place for all brilliant minds with out-of-the-box thinking. Let me quickly sum up some of the most incredible reasons why I love to work at CEPTES?


Grow with the organization

CEPTES is growing at a fantastic pace compared to other companies of the same strength. Working at such a company can mean you are ready to soar high on the clouds of success, and your career is on the right track. Here, I have many opportunities to learn, improve, and work with experienced resources, which are quite cooperative and helpful. I am ready to make significant strides in my career with the swiftly growing CEPTES.

Grow with the organization

Learn to innovate

After joining CEPTES only, I realized that innovation could be taught, and people can learn to be innovative, thanks to the beautiful environment and the culture that nurtures and encourages innovation without any biases. Irrespective of your organization’s position, you can share your innovative ideas, and the best part is you can share these ideas without fear of any kind. 

The seniors are highly supportive, and the management is highly encouraging to all those who want to contribute through innovation. The ultimate goal of all this is to make CEPTES a more welcoming and friendly workplace for the employees and a perfect outsourcing destination for clients looking for outstanding Salesforce solutions.

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Learn to Innovate

CEPTES wears its core values up its sleeve 

The company maintains complete transparency throughout the processes, and as an employee, I can say that CEPTES wears its values right on its proverbial sleeve. 

Furthermore, CEPTES ensures that its core values don’t just stay there on the wall. The values are applied across its operations and the company culture. So, we all strive to achieve common organizational goals, and being part of this company is a fantastic feeling for me.


Work with supportive colleagues and management

The people here are just incredible, and they have imbibed the company culture in their routine. Even when I was hired, I faced some incredibly different and unique questions during my manager interview. This was perhaps the first glimpse of how amazing it’s going to be once I get to work here. And, luckily, I am here and enjoying every single day of my employment here since then! The agreement, mutual support, and innovation culture encourage everyone to support one another, bearing only the common goals and organizational growth. 

Work with supportive colleagues and management

Thriving culture

A winning culture can be your ultimate launch pad to success, no matter whether you are a Salesforce developer, Salesforce consultant, designer, or expert in any other domain. CEPTES is an organization where growth, success, rewards, and recognition will fall in your lap, provided that you also give your 100% to your job!

Try and try until you succeed 

Are you afraid of failures? Do you think you’ll be out of the organization if you fail? Well, at CEPTES, you get all the support and guidance needed to ensure success in your career as long as you are willing to put your best efforts, learn from feedback & criticism, and innovate!


Try and try until you succeed


Wrapping Up

In short, CEPTES is where you ought to be if Salesforce is your passion and unique work culture is your dream. We cater to a wide range of industries, from the titans to the fledgling firms and all those in-between. Are you ready to achieve excellence in your career? Take a giant leap in your Salesforce career with the experts at CEPTES – the fast-growing Salesforce Silver Partner! Check our latest job openings to be a part of CEPTES!

A Day in the Life of a CEPTES' Salesforce Developer
ceptes, General, Salesforce Developer

A Day in The Life of a CEPTES’ Salesforce Developer

We firmly believe in spreading knowledge and education about our field so that aspiring Salesforce developers can pursue a career in this trailblazing technology. 

In today’s post, we’ll try to catch a glimpse of what a day in the life of a CEPTES’ Salesforce developer entails.

 This is the story of Parth – Senior Salesforce Developer at CEPTES.

 Parth says, “While applying for jobs into development after completing graduation, I developed an interest in coding for Salesforce solutions. I worked hard and soon earned Salesforce certification. Luckily, I got the opportunity to work with CEPTES, and that completely changed my life. I was soon on the clouds of success, earning, and job satisfaction, thanks to CEPTES. Initially, I worked under my seniors guidance for a few months. Let me tell you I learned a lot during this period – right from coding and learning new algorithms to learning SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.”

 Salesforce reins the ecosystem of the enterprise cloud today. “As a Salesforce Developer, I enjoy my job a lot here at CEPTES. Every day brings forth a new challenge that helps me better understand this ecosystem and perform outstandingly well.”

 Here’s a quick summary of what Parth told us when asked how a typical day of Salesforce developers like him go at CEPTES.

 Parth gets up early, at the crack-of-dawn, takes a shower and gets ready, drinks coffee, eats breakfast, and then sets off for the office, which isn’t very far away from his rented flat. He goes to the office on Tuesdays and Fridays, and other days he works from home. While on the way to the office, he scans his social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others) for the latest tech updates in mobile, Salesforce, IoT, AI, integration, and more. He utilizes this time for uploading some valuable information for his connections.

  Story of Parth


  1. He arrives at the office by nine and greets his co-workers as the environment is impressive at CEPTES.
  1. Around 10 o’clock, they have a meeting with the planning team. During the meeting, each team member has to update on the project’s status and deliverables for the day. 


Meeting with the Planning Team


Parth says, “These meetings are crucial as usually multiple people work on each project. For example, the client might have asked us to customize their Salesforce environment. The manager, in this case, will check with the Salesforce consultant first if he/she can build the customization points & clicks. If code is required for the customization, a developer (like me) would be assigned this task (of coding). When the developer completes the task, it goes to the QA team for testing if the code matches the design specs as communicated by the project manager and the consultant. Now, this process may take days and even weeks to complete. Attending these planning meetings (scrums) is, therefore, a crucial part of my job).


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  1. After the meeting, around 10 am, Parth starts coding (in the order of the top priority tasks) that must be completed. He loves the creative freedom that Salesforce developers enjoy in problem-solving as there are many ways to do it.


Salesforce Developer enjoying in Problem Solving

  1. At 1, it’s lunchtime, so he goes to the common dining area and pours his food in the bowl and plate to share the food with his colleagues (who are his friends now).
  1. After lunch, he gets to chat or speak with his client (whose project he is working on). Although this is not a regular exercise most of the time, Parth prefers connecting with the client to ensure that he and the client are on the same page.6.Around 3 or 4 pm, it’s time to do the other project’s coding (as assigned during the meeting). The CEPTES team is quite cooperative, and if you are stuck in any project anywhere, help is close at hand as seniors are always eager to guide and help their team learn and grow.
  1. Around 6.40 pm, Parth leaves for home – listening to his favorite music on the way to relax his mind.
  1. Parth reaches home around 7.30, eats his dinner, and enjoys watching his favorite show before sleep.

 Summing Up

 The job is challenging, but then it helps you learn and grow. Innovations don’t occur when you sit passively. You have to accept challenges to innovate and perform. Are you ready to challenge yourself and grow as a Salesforce developer? Join CEPTES!

How CEPTES Built a Culture That Inspires New Ideas Every Day
ceptes, General

How CEPTES Built a Culture That Inspires New Ideas Every Day?

Innovation is the ultimate key to success! If you cannot innovate, get ready to be left behind in the race by your competition. Leaders and CEOs often ask us, “How do you innovate at CEPTES?” “Can you plan an innovation?” and “Can we train our employees to innovate?”

At CEPTES, we firmly believe that the company’s culture has a lot to do with the innovation taking place there. So, it would help if you create a culture that encourages your employees to innovate. In other words, innovation inspires innovation. Let me put it! When one employee starts sharing innovative ideas with other team members, it triggers a chain reaction with the employees where each employee becomes an inspiration for the other to innovate. Only an organization that nurtures such an environment can think innovative, create innovation, and stand out from the rest.

At CEPTES, there’s no secret formula as such. All we’ve done is refined our thinking in a manner where we adapt & apply ideas that we genuinely believe to be great and worthy of being implemented at any level across the organization. Let’s discuss a few principles that lead to innovation and how we, at CEPTES, apply them here.


Innovation Demands Ten Times Improvement

Every idea may sound great initially but may fail if you don’t test it before implementing it. Many arguments can turn out to be innovations with ten times or more improvement. Our Salesforce experts at CEPTES know this, and they focus on delivering highly reliable and scalable Salesforce solutions for a wide range of industry verticals. Since the beginning, over a decade ago, we have been focusing on innovation so that our valued clients get solutions that help them stand out and excel in the competition. By pushing our employees to rework and rethink their ideas at least ten times or more, we help them become confident and sharp innovators and think beyond the ordinary.  


Innovation Demands Ten Times Improvement


Launch & Listen

At CEPTES, we believe that any idea needs to be tested in the real-world before being implemented on a large-scale. With a minimum viable product (MVP), you can do this beta testing and see how the solution works for your staff and customers before making a heavy investment for developing a fully-fledged solution. This exercise works wonders, and you can use it for testing if the customers/targeted audiences like your idea or not. Then, later on, you can expand it further to accommodate your growing business needs. We did the same when we started years ago. We launched the MVPs and then made rapid, ongoing iterations based on our customers’ feedback. This is how we attained expertise in the domain.


Launch & Listen 

Share and Help Others Innovate As Well 

Do you have a great idea? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share with your team and inspire them too to innovate! At CEPTES, we encourage innovation through collaboration. Everyone can share ideas and information openly. The more information you share, the more innovative ideas will be born! We ensure complete transparency during the process to get recognition and appreciation for their creative ideas and thinking.


Share and Help Others Innovate As Well  

Bring Innovators Together

We hire people with unique approaches to problem-solving and a natural inclination towards innovative thinking. When these innovators work together in close coordination, the result is an environment filled with more innovators who inspire others. Our goal is to help every employee here think out-of-the-box and develop ideas that resonate in the industry. Hence, hiring the right team matters a lot here. However, it doesn’t mean that we hire people who have done significant innovations in their previous jobs or academics. Instead, our screening process is designed to help us find people who welcome change, love challenges, and are open to criticism because if we cannot hear about our flaws, we’ll never improve.


Bring Innovators Together

Summing Up

At CEPTES, we believe that ideas don’t always come from within! Instead, they are scattered all over the world. All you need to do is look around with innovators’ specs to dig & use them for your purpose. And, collaboration and continuous encouragement to innovation can lead to an environment where everyone is enthusiastic and excited about innovation and doesn’t feel like it’s a task they need to complete anyhow.

So, if you too have that hidden innovator in you, CEPTES is where you must be. Join us!

How CEPTES Balances its Employees' Work Life

How CEPTES Balances its Employees’ Work Life?

Workers across the globe struggle to strike a perfect balance between their family and work. With our schedules getting tighter and busier day by day, it gets challenging to maintain both – work and office for many of us.


Work-life-balancing is challenging and involves juggling the workplace’s stresses with the pressures from family/friends/self. Employees now want greater control over their personal lives and more authority in their jobs.


Modern employees prioritize personal needs and seek work-life balance accordingly. Age, new technology, different working conditions, and poor management trigger this. 

On the other hand, when employees have better control & ownership of their personal lives, it reflects on their work-life and their relationships with the management improve. Balanced employees never carry their work issues home and vice-versa. 

As a result, they are highly productive at work and have, usually, fewer conflicts with management and coworkers.


CEPTES Helps Employees Maintain Work-Life Balance

Happy employees are an asset, and they can take the business to newer heights of success. That is why pro-employee companies like CEPTES always focus on encouraging and maintaining a perfect work-life balance. 

More excellent employee retention, more loyal employees, and a bigger pool of talented employees are a few of the many benefits of having happy employees onboard.  


Work-Life Balance 

How is CEPTES Able to Strike This Balance?

CEPTES implements flexible working and different time-off policies, creates environments, so the staff don’t feel drained & stressed, and promotes healthy discussions to ensure employees are relaxed and productive at the workplace. 

Over the years, thanks to the IT and communication revolution, regular working hours have extended beyond the typical office hours. 

Unlike the earlier days when people used to work manually and wind up the task of the day as office hours would end, things have changed drastically now. Information and communication are so easy now, and you can access the resources anytime, anywhere. 

As a result, employees spend longer periods working than they did before, which is a severe concern here at CEPTES, and that is why the management recommends all employees to complete their work within office hours and unwind when they are home.  

The management here is highly pro-employee, and employees are advised never to mix office and home. An overstressed employee can never enjoy personal life, and when the person fails to find private life suitable, that directly reflects on his/her professional life and vice-versa. Furthermore, it has a very negative impact on that person’s physical and psychological well-being. 

The top management and seniors here at CEPTES strongly believe that work-life-balancing is not just about reporting to the office on time and leaving on time. Instead, it is about completing your high-priority tasks within office hours, going back home happily, and enjoying your personal life. 

Prioritizing things matters a lot here, and it makes all the difference to how well a person can achieve that perfect, dream work-life balance.


To help employees achieve a perfect work-life balance, CEPTES does the following:

Time off 

Allowing employees time off is the finest and easiest way to help them cope with professional stress. At CEPTES, we encourage employees to take a walk, go out and relax for a while or do some simple desk exercise or whatever makes them feel better, so they are stress-free at work.

Health is wealth 

At CEPTES, we believe that a healthy person can take better care of all the responsibilities and challenges that come. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t mean only limiting your diet to healthy foods, but it has a lot to do with physical activity, exercise, peace of mind, and social interaction.

Plan well 

If you cannot plan well, you are indeed planning to fail. That is why we always recommend our employees to plan their daily tasks before they start their work, and this includes planning the functions so that all high priority and essential tasks are completed within office hours.

You don’t take your work home 

When you complete your work during your office hours, you don’t need to carry it home!

Flexible timings 

We understand that every individual is different and has different schedules (personal). By allowing flexible working hours, we will enable them to choose from the available shifts at their convenience.

Time management 

If you cannot manage your time, trust me, things will soon become unmanageable for you!

You don’t miss your hobbies 

Cherish your hobbies and plan your life in a manner that leaves you with ample time to take care of your hobbies as well. Nothing can refresh you better than this for sure!

Other than this, CEPTES offers paid vacations, welcomes feedback from employees, provides health and life insurance benefits to employees, and allows remote work and work from home as well.

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How CEPTES Became the Most Valuable Company for its Employees

We solemnly believe that without an established and motivated workplace, an enterprise can boat race massive losses.


We keep holding to the quote, “When an employee does not feel motivated, he can never perform at his best.”


We at CEPTES keep our employees motivated in every path they take. 


Employees are our primary priority because, without our employees, we won’t be able to achieve anything significant. 


Employees- Our First


This is what we do:


#1: Rewarding Employees: For they Deserve the Best


Although we cannot give much, we always try our best to bring smiles to our employees’ faces with a purposeful reward acknowledging their efforts and gratitude. It is an excellent way to keep our employees motivated. We make sure that the prize possesses a glowing factor bounded to it. In turn, they gift us with hard work and determination, leading to success and brilliance, and therefore that’s how we achieve grand success and achievements.



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#2: An Excellent Leader to Guide


We ensure that our employees are guided by a leader who respects our employees and bound them with the same respect as everyone in our team. We don’t believe and accept its partiality. We keep Leaders who have complete trust in the employees’ strengths and allow them to participate in every decision-making process because we all work to better our company. We make sure that the leaders provide employees with opportunities to venture and learn new prospects to enhance and develop their careers. We do not just think for the betterment of our enterprise. We pursue a thoughtful mind and nurture our employees to aim for our employees to achieve brilliance even if they go on their paths.




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#3: We Believe That Happiness is the Key


Happiness is the key to success, and it’s the biggest key to employee motivation. Without joy, an enterprise cannot achieve success, satisfaction is the universal truth, and story happiness plays the fighter role behind every hit. We ensure to keep our employees happy and to fulfill their basic requirements on an enterprise scale. We never long to bother our employees with an immense amount of work. We distribute work evenly among the employees because we maintain a just working environment. We make sure that our employees balance out their social life with their office schedule.

happiness at ceptes



There’s only one possible way to achieve the best, Cultivate a Positive Working Environment. We cultivate a positive working environment. A positive working environment will adversely scale up an employee’s motivation, therefore keeping them dedicated, motivated, and most importantly, happy!


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5 Reasons How CEPTES Can Take Your Career to the Next Level

Looking for that herculean thrust in your career? Join the ever-expanding team of competent and dedicated Salesforce professionals at CEPTES and add value to your resume. You can experience extreme highs in your career if you join the right organization at the right time. If you have been feeling stagnated in your current job and Salesforce is your area of competency or you want to explore better career opportunities in Salesforce, maybe it’s time to make a job switch.

Some of the most compelling reasons why and how CEPTES can make a big difference to your career journey are listed hereunder for your quick reference:


Work with Salesforce Certified Professionals

As a Salesforce Silver certified partner, we have a huge and competent team of certified professionals who know the Salesforce inside out. The biggest advantage of working with Salesforce certified professionals is that you have ample opportunities to share and enhance your knowledge and, therefore, climb the success ladder faster than you ever thought you could. The brainstorming sessions turn out to be highly useful when the participants are well-versed in the technology at hand. If you aspire to earn a Salesforce certification, joining CEPTES could be your first step towards achieving it.


No Favoritism 

We do not believe in favoritism and all our policies are totally unbiased. The appraisals are performance-based only and no other factors can influence your chances of growth here. Remember, great results require great efforts and great efforts stem from teamwork and team spirit. As an equal opportunity provider, CEPTES never discourages anyone (irrespective of his/her employment level or hierarchy) to share valuable suggestions that may add to the organizational growth and lead to better achievement of common organizational goals.

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Nurturing Talent in a Friendly Atmosphere 

We encourage healthy competition, collaboration, and teamwork to build a mutually rewarding environment for all. You get to learn a lot when interacting with highly competent yet amicable teammates. Give your heart and soul to your job and nothing can stop you from reaping the rewards you deserve. Supportive staff is an asset that CEPTES cherishes.


Stability in Career 

Do you like hopping from one office to another or do you want to spend a good few years in an organization where you get to learn and earn in a highly conducive and truly wonderful environment? A great benefit of stability is that you get to learn more about the product/business. Other than that, it adds to your CV’s worth for future employment. If you are looking for stability in your career while enjoying tremendous growth as well, CEPTES is where you ought to be!


Maintaining Trust and Transparency 

No office politics and no storytelling work here! We believe in maintaining 100% transparency and building trust among our employees as well as clients. While transparency in processes leads to a more confident and satisfied workforce, trust is one of the cornerstones any organization rests upon.


Summing Up

Well, that was just a glimpse of how CEPTES can make a difference to your career. You’ll get to experience the true difference in the environment once you are here. We have been adding more and more valuable resources at an unprecedented pace over the past few months. Thanks to the thriving Salesforce platform, we have been able to sustain the stressful period of COVID-19 and are now ready to bloom with a bigger, better, and richer team of qualified, dedicated, and competent professionals. Come join us and grow with us!

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