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New Trailblazer

Meet our new Trailblazers: Akchhat & Prabhu

Hello Ohana! We are back here to introduce our new trailblazers. It’s been an amazing month for us as we became a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, had a wonderful Salesforce World Tour Sydney and also added some new members in our rapidly growing team. Let us introduce Akchhat and Prabhu.

Akchhat Mehrotra

Akchhat has joined CEPTES as a Senior Application Developer and has previous experience working with top MNCs in implementing Salesforce analytics. He has a high-level of expertise working in Operational Analytics and Einstein Analytics projects and has the competency to tap Salesforce analytics in every line of business. In his young career, Akchhat is already a 3X certified Salesforce professional.

Akchhat is passionate about working with businesses looking to get the most out of their Salesforce data as he understands the platform and analytics first hand. His goal is to build high-end business applications by implementing best practices and maximize his knowledge and skills by learning other Salesforce technologies and cloud solutions. Born and brought up in the city of Kanpur previously known as Manchester of India and currently called the commercial capital of the state UP, Akchhat loves swimming, bike riding, and cycling.

Industry Expertise



Salesforce Analytics (Operational Analytics, Einstein Analytics)


salesforce adminstrator   advance admin   salesforce_certified_platform_app_builder

Prabhu S

Another new member of CEPTES is Prabhu. He comes to us with around 9 years of industry experience and joined as a Salesforce Developer. Prabhu is a rare combination of technical expertise in core industries such as manufacturing and supply chain. He is a supply chain solution specialist and has worked with some of the top manufacturing companies. Prabhu is a 2X certified Salesforce professional.

Prabhu is passionate about Salesforce platform and technologies which made him choose CEPTES to work with as we are a full-cycle Salesforce solution provider. He always looks to apply his experience and expertise in solving business problems and contribute to the overall project success. While having excellent command over Lightning, Apex, Visualforce etc, Prabhu is highly delighted to be a part of CEPTES and looks to expand his knowledge & expertise on the platform in the coming years. Prabhu is from the silicon valley of India, Bangalore and he is a sports lover.

Industry Expertise

Supply Chain


Salesforce solutions


salesforce_certified_platform_developer_i   platform developer 2

We are happy to have you both onboard. Welcome to the CEPTES family Akchhat & Prabhu!

Cloud, Salesforce

Salesforce Launched Integration Cloud at TrailheaDX 2018 to Help Trailblazers Create Connected Customer Experience

Salesforce, the global CRM leader invited Trailblazers from over 43 countries and 265 global viewing gatherings to their 3rd annual developer conference “TrailheaDX”. In the sold-out event, Salesforce showcased their latest innovations Lightning, Einstein, Trailhead and the newest Salesforce Integration Cloud and highlighted how they can empower enterprises in order to create connected customer experiences.

Salesforce Integration Cloud – First look

One of the toughest developer challenges was to connect systems and different data sources to build customer experiences. By addressing this issue Salesforce in their newest Salesforce Integration Cloud included a set of services and tools to make it easy for the customers to surface their data irrespective of where it resides. This will deliver an intelligent, and connected customer experience across all channels and touch-points. Integration Cloud will typically have three layers;

Integration Platform

Salesforce has finalized to acquire MuleSoft, which is one of the leading platforms to develop application networks connecting enterprise apps, data, and devices. MuleSoft will keep on focusing to build application networks with its Anypoint Platform and will also power the new Salesforce Integration Cloud.

Integration Builder

Admins can have a central view of the customer across their Salesforce deployments as well as their entire network of business systems just with few clicks. Admins can also manage the entire connection through a consolidated admin console.

Integration Experiences

Salesforce Integration Cloud allows admins to offer a seamless and personalized customer experience across sales, marketing, service, and commerce cloud by automatically bringing all the customer data together in an entirely new approach. An admin can use the Lightning App Builder to get commerce order history data into the Lightning service console, which enable service agents to transform service interactions into a cross-sell or up-sell opportunity without leaving their console.

Lightning Flow – CRM Process Automation

As we know, Lightning allows developers to build apps faster and better with hands-on access to a wide range of tools like App Builder to Heroku. Developers are open to choose the most convenient tool for their app development process on Salesforce. Salesforce has introduced the latest platform service “Lightning Flow” that offers tools to bring the power of process automation into CRM. As most of the enterprises are still managing customer processes with legacy tools disconnected from customer data, it results in delays. With the help of Lightning Flow Components, Trailblazers can now build processes with guided, visual tools integrated with customer data and embedded into a touchpoint, helps in reducing wait times for customers and enhancing productivity. For example, now a pharmaceutical company can increase prescription fulfillment by using Lightning Flow to develop automated processes which enhance data entry quality and accuracy for the patients filling insurance forms.

Einstein Analytics & Quip Live Apps for a Smarter App

With the advancement of AI & app integration, you can now set intelligence directly into the apps and get instant access to additional capabilities that keep a business moving forward with just a few clicks. Now developers can use Lightning components to embed Einstein Analytics and live updates within custom apps. These apps can be used inside Quip and are available in the Salesforce AppExchange by various partners. By using a single Quip document, a user can now quickly navigate deals, design infographics, videos and more.

Trailhead drives the next-gen of Developer Learning

Trailhead, Salesforce’s gamified online learning platform which guides users to gain skills, is driving the next-gen developer learning. Since it’s launching in 2014, Trailblazers have earned over 6.5 million badges which directly relate to latest in-demand job skills. Salesforce has expanded Trailhead to include:

Google Trailhead Content

Google Cloud trail helps Trailblazers understand how to get key insights into their website, with robust Google Analytics Reports & Dashboards. Google Cloud trail educates new users on how to operate powerful data queries with BigQuery, a completely managed enterprise data warehouse for analytics at scale.

Trail Guides

Personalized learning always helps to acquire new skills. Trail Guides outline the right way for any role of any level of experience with recommended content, and notifications. This helps everyone to walk on the right path in order to get their dream job.

Take Aways

  • New Salesforce Integration Cloud will surface data irrespective of where it resides to connect every system, customer, and device in a new approach.
  • Lightning Flow enables Trailblazers to design business processes with visual tools, combining the power of process automation with customer experience.
  • New Einstein Analytics Developer Experience and 3rd Party Quip Live Apps will make any application smarter and collaborative within few clicks, without code.
  • Trailhead empowers anyone to develop new skills with new learning trails from Google Analytics and personalized learning systems.


lightning experience
CRM, Lightning Platform, Salesforce

How Should I Turn on Lightning Experience?

We live in a customer-dominated economy, where CRM has become pivotal towards the growth and maintenance of any business. Against this backdrop, every organization tends to run and operate at a faster rate, than the original pace. The main reason behind is to both retain the existing customers as well as attract the new ones. While the market is growing at an incredible pace, companies must always focus on the process of delivering world-class experience to achieve noticeable growth. As the market says, that focusing on customer experience has a direct impact on the financial success of organizations. A relative effect of the surge can also be seen over the stock prices.

In fact, it can be said that, customer experience can outperform the market and marketing trends. Hence, comes into picture the Salesforce Lightning experience. This is a technique with the help of which companies achieve the necessary customer experience excellence. It delivers all the contemporary user experience that bridges the gap between customers and business.

Salesforce also tries to up to date their lightning version and keep it ahead of the evolving industry standards. This is done by delivering regular extensions and enhancements. It is also believed that the CRM software is anchored to the fluid architecture of the overall system as well as including the flexibility to accommodate the rapid changes in the market and deliver over the customer expectation.

The process to take advantage of Salesforce lightning

Once you have already recognized why it’s so important to indeed develop a new, Lightning-specific strategy the time arrives for taking advantage of the entire Lightning platform. As explained earlier this is the most unique and best platform for marketers.

Let us take you to an engagement centric approach to introducing Lightning within your org.

The First Phase: Vision and Goals

To begin with, you always need to define the UX goals, at the same time identifying the existing user experience gaps. The process determines your complete success metrics and you can now evaluate Lightning readiness using the Salesforce Lightning readiness checklist tool.

  1. Planning the desired business impact
  2. Setting-up the UX objectives
  3. Defining all the key success metrics
  4. Finally performing Lightning readiness check
  5. Assessing all readiness check report

The Second Phase: Awareness and Understanding

Next, you will have to identify the high impact business scenarios for a pilot program. Once it is done, the time is for identifying the use cases, and convert them to Lightning and release the solution.

  1. Taking steps around the early stakeholder
  2. Correctly developing the executive sponsorship messages
  3. Launching the system preview

The Third Phase: Rapid Adoption and Process Integration

Depending over the pilot feedback and also the lessons learned, you can always plan to migrate the complete functionality as well as rollout the new system for all users.

  1. Driving user enablement through some E-learning sessions
  2. Effective hands-on exercises
  3. Developing the Lightning Experience information tab for the ongoing access to resources

The Fourth Phase: Recurring Business Engagement

Finally, you can always work to attain the process maturity by simply establishing a continuous feedback loop with end users and at the same time maintain the system through releases.

  1. Analyzing the complete business impact
  2. Determining the status of UX objectives
  3. Measuring the entire progress against key success metrics
  4. Evaluating the entire system usage

Lightning With CEPTES

If you are ready to reap the benefits of Salesforce Lightning platform, then CEPTES Software is here to help. From the beginning of your cloud journey your organization will have the advantage our deep and extensive experience. our goal is help shape and deliver better Salesforce Lightning experience to drive real-time innovation and value to your business.

Lightning Platform, Salesforce

The Changes of Winter’18 to Lightning

“Time flies when you are having fun,” – A very common saying that goes without fail in connection with Lightning Experience. Launched two short years ago, there have been several advancements and enhancements made. It also goes without saying that the Winter’18 Release, might witness some more new changes, to affect your components and Visualforce pages.

In addition to various new features, Lightning Experience has also introduced us to a new look and feel. This is based on the Salesforce Lightning Design System, containing a modern UI framework. It is also that for developers, the Salesforce Lightning Design System, or SLDS  enables a blueprint for building on the Salesforce platform. The HTML and the CSS provided for by SLDS, ensures that all the components and applications have the similar look of the lightning experience. Winter ’18 is also said to add a background image and color to the entire Lightning Experience.

There has been an evolution in the look of the Lightning Experience with Winter’18. This is the result of the research from across the Salesforce Ecosystem. The global change has been made to improve:

  • Legibility of pages
  • Enhance content density
  • Improve the contrast between the background and content cards

The Background Changes

The add on of a background color and image always means that the Admins and the Developers alike need to check on the custom Lightning components. This also includes all the components that have been downloaded from the AppExchange. The Components which are indeed being used on a Lightning page is required to have a good background to remain legible on the new background.

The List Density

You will also notice at some point that in Winter ’18, they have increased the density. Hence, allowing you to view some more data in the same space.

Once again, if you are at the same time using SLDS markup and CSS, it can be noticed that you will automatically get the increased density within your components.

The Page Legibility

Apart from an increased density of lists, there is also some presence of subtle differences in typography. We have indeed increased the size of the font that is used to display data to more easily allow the users to scan through various things like the record detail layouts.

If you have overridden the standard styling of fonts in your components or even in the Visualforce pages, you will want to ensure that the larger font does not negatively impact the layout of your component or page.

The Static Resources

Lightning components as well as the Visualforce pages that have been built with static resource version of SLDS, and could potentially look out of place now, since these static versions of SLDS will not get the updated designs to SLDS. If possible, all these components and pages should be updated to use the present version of SLDS instead of the static resource.

salesforce lightning
Lightning Platform, Salesforce

How does Salesforce Lightning Accelerate your Business?

If you have ever been associated with Salesforce or have been a constant user, you must have an idea that the launch of Salesforce Lightning app is just fantastic. The entire application is fast, competitive and industry oriented. The Salesforce App is the place of origination for Lightning App Cloud and includes the following:

  • Lightning App Builder
  • Lightning Component
  • Lightning Design System

To begin with, it can be said that, this creative and productive enterprise app will always accelerate your business. Just pairing powerful and intuitive development tools, Salesforce has become the most trusted enterprise cloud. It is this particular app of Salesforce platform that makes it possible for various organizations to turn their ideas into businesses at lightning speed. This ability to create better apps helps companies address all the day to day challenges and hence redefine their business. Apart from these features, let us have a look at some more ways in which, lightning empowers all users.

Accelerating the Development Process:

Lightning is said to be designed with the drag-and-drop facility which quickly opens up the power of Lightning development to a wider range of audience. Usually, it happens that most coders work with minimal real-time input or to put it other words participation from admins or the end users. Lightning is then said to shorten the app development time by bringing all the stakeholders closer. Along with this feature, Lightning apps are as well future-proofed, and will never be broken by automatic platform upgrades; hence immense maintenance is not required.

Accelerates the Analytics:

In particular platforms like Salesforce, it is always said that the data is never easy to understand. As a solution of which or to make things easier for the users, Salesforce has come up with a tool, which you can visualize the data with. This is known as the Lightning Schema Builder. It lets developers spend some more time on the process of refining and also improving the app rather than wasting time with the database and various other constructs. Lightning is as well said to provide a UI designed for great reports and also the flexible dashboards, created with the same drag-and-drop ease.

An Augmented User Participation:

Lightning is always said to bring the user community as well as the development process together. The problems that are faced here are brought into the app assembly loop, where all their insights improve and even enhance your apps with a hands-on the drag-and-drop fix. Lightning Process Builder has been proven to empower everyone to respond to their respective business needs by just creating custom workflows, which automates the complex business processes within a short time.

The Acceleration of Deployment:

As it has been proved that the Lightning platform deals with all the rest of the process that includes data management and even the storage, along with third-party integration, the developers are always free to focus on what matters to the business more. Through the Salesforce1 Mobile App, you indeed roll out all the apps or deploy the same functionality with just a single click.