Want to Build Your Career in Salesforce Development? Join CEPTES

September 15, 2021by Ananya Mohapatra

If Salesforce development attracts you and you want to build a career in it, then the best place to begin your career journey is CEPTES – a trusted Salesforce development company and a Salesforce certified partner. 

Before I tell you why CEPTES would be the right place to build your career in Salesforce development, it is important to understand the growth potential of Salesforce as a technology and how it can catapult your career.

Whether you are a fresher, experienced Salesforce developer, or a professional at mid-level, you may want to explore why CEPTES should be your next workplace. The need for Salesforce development has increased manifold over the past few years. 

There would be no overstatement in that Salesforce today dominates the entire CRM market and it is the most preferred CRM platform today. Salesforce has over 1 million customers across the globe and the community Salesforce is growing in leaps and bounds adding more and more young, energetic, and dynamic individuals worldwide.


“The Salesforce ecosystem is expected to create 4.2 million jobs worldwide through 2024, adding $1.2 trillion in new business revenues to local economies.”


This is an amazing platform for showcasing your technical skills and innovation. And when we talk about innovation, we swear by innovation and we nurture a culture of innovation here thereby making CEPTES a perfect and ideal workplace for aspiring professionals yearning for success in Salesforce development. 

If you look at it from the technical viewpoint, Salesforce frameworks tend to be platform-independent which means you can use Salesforce solutions as a platform as a service as well.

There is an intense scope of work as well as a huge breadth of knowledge that you will need to become a successful Salesforce developer at CEPTES or just anywhere else. 

You will learn about cloud development, Salesforce platform integrations, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, trends in Salesforce, libraries, and more that eventually add to your knowledge, skills, and help you ensure success in your career.

While working here, you will not only add to your wealth of knowledge in the Salesforce domain but the experience will also be great as you earn more.


Easiest and New Age On-Boarding Process

To help our Salesforce developers and other team members understand our ecosystem, achieve efficiency, and get an upper hand in the technology, we encourage them and support them to complete various Salesforce certification courses on this leading platform. 

With the help of supporting colleagues and experienced team members coupled with your own efforts and dedication, you can earn as many certifications as you want and elevate your career opportunities at CEPTES and in the entire Salesforce world. 

Furthermore, these courses are available at no cost other than that of your dedication and hard work since there are some hands-on exercises also available in these courses to help you learn more about how to implement the knowledge for your project.

You can put up the badges that you earn on the successful completion of each of the certification courses on your profile to further boost your growth potential in this industry. 

We have a team of highly skilled Salesforce developers, Salesforce administrators, Architects, and Salesforce Consultants. 

The team members work in close coordination not just to complete the assigned projects but also with a goal to enhance learning and improve knowledge.

We strongly believe that the best way to increase and improve knowledge in any domain not just about Salesforce but just any domain you talk about is through sharing of knowledge. 

The more knowledge you share the more knowledgeable you will become eventually.  

When you share the knowledge you add the knowledge to the pre-existing knowledge of your teammates and then they share the knowledge gained through the interactive sessions, brainstorming sessions, corporate training, and discussions with other members of the team. 

In fact, if we talk about innovation, it can sprout from these regular and meaningful discussions.


Why CEPTES is the Best Platform for Your Salesforce Career:

#1: Work with a Team of Highly Competitive, Experienced, and Skilled Salesforce Professionals

When working with CEPTES, you get to work with some of the brilliant Salesforce experts who have worked on many similar projects for global clients. 

Daily interaction with the experts in the domain will help you sharpen your skills and become ready for future opportunities.

Explore the great opportunities of innovation this exciting platform offers – At CEPTES, we nurture a culture of innovation where everyone is encouraged and motivated to share ideas that make a difference to the various SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions we deliver.


“Salesforce is committed to empowering people from every background with the skills they need to build careers and thrive in the digital economy.”

#2: Grow with the Fastest-Growing Consulting Partner of Salesforce

We enjoy access to some of the elite features of this platform and have a technical edge over our competition. 

When you join us, you open up countless learning opportunities that may help you climb the success ladder faster in the Salesforce realm.

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#3: Earn While You Learn from the Experts 

No institute or organization would ever pay you for learning. But when you join CEPTES, even at entry-level, you learn new technology, tools, and skills every day. 

The best part is that you get paid for all this learning that eventually contributes to your success as a Salesforce professional, such as a Salesforce developer, Salesforce consultant, Salesforce architect, etc.


#4: Work on Live Projects

You work on live projects here and that gives you the right exposure and an opportunity to test your learned skills in real-world and real-life scenarios. 

There is no better way to master a skill than to test it in the real world.


#5: Add Value to Your Curriculum Vitae 

Your CV becomes worthy when you join a Salesforce Certified Partner like CEPTES. Join us and make your CV the most sought-after among top Salesforce development companies across the globe.


Summing Up: 

Join CEPTES, if you want to achieve multifaceted growth in your career. We are here to help you achieve the greater success that is enviable to all those you are competing with. Send us your resume or explore career opportunities at CEPTES!