5 Ways AppExchange Assists CIOs in Driving Change

December 15, 2021by Ananya Mohapatra

If you’re a Chief Information Officer in an organization, you probably know how the role has transformed over the years.

In case you’re someone who’s looking for a CIO, you shall know how important of a role it is, how a good CIO can create an impact in your organization.

From managing machines and computer systems, when the term was first coined, to directly impacting the steps that the business takes, a CIO has become an integral part of a company’s management team.

With CIOs initiating & leading digital transformation in businesses, learning & leading go hand in hand. The CIO has to be a step faster than the rapidly changing technology in order to bring the best results for the business.

Now, when it comes to a CIO, they need to bring in an atmosphere and working environment that focuses on speed, agility & accuracy. Salesforce’s AppExchange might as well tick those boxes quite easily. How? Let’s find out.

Here are the five ways in which a CIO can utilize Salesforce AppExchange to drive digital transformation.




How CIOs Can Ensure Success Through Innovation?

CIOs in an organization need to bring along with them a set of rules & certain objectives that help them fulfill their transformation efforts.

For them to make their goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant & time-bound), there are certain things they need to keep in mind.

  • Data & Analytics First:

    Data is the new oil. Being a CIO, they should aim at ensuring that the organization collects as much quality data as possible and analyze it simultaneously over a period of time, which allows them to come up with better insights.

  • Transform Around Business:

    When you’re finally assigned the role of transforming a business, ensure that your goals align with what the company aims to do in say, the next 5 years. While this won’t just make your goals more measurable but will make an organization assess if your transformation efforts are helping the business grow.

  • Don’t Limit Your Role:

    Make IT the new rule in an organization. Ensure that IT isn’t just limited to operations, but in a collaborative role with most of the departments in your organization.

  • Take Inspiration:

    Look out for the industries and organizations, effectively implementing digital transformation. Citing an example, while preparing your own digital transformation, will give you areas that are more in line with your overall goals, and a few suggestions as well.
    The first-mover advantage might not be the best thing every time. Can it?

How AppExchange Makes Change More Efficient?

  • Experimentation

AppExchange allows CIOs to ensure that their teams don’t stop experimenting.

With AppExchange’s no-code apps & tools, it ensures that there exist no specific silos of digital transformation.

With little to no coding or developing experience, AppExchange allows any executive to access robust tools that help improve the company’s overall technological adoption and workflow.

  • Customer Experience

At the end of the day, it’s always about the end-user, and the same is true here.

By ensuring that your teams have access to actionable insights & data, AppExchange allows a more dynamic approach towards how decisions are taken pertaining to customer experience.

With data being available at all levels, the end consumer does get a more clear & structured communication at every level. This ensures that there’s no ambiguity left around.

  • Driving Innovation At Every Level

The primary role of a CIO is not just to use technology to bring better results, but to ensure that technology is accessible to all.

Companies are gradually moving from the ‘IT as an enabler of business model. The CIOs should focus on technologies that make the entire innovation process easier, simplified & flexible. All of this is to ensure that the technology reaches all the organizational levels.

AppExchange sits perfectly in this rationale. With no-code apps & solutions present on its platform, the entire adoption stage becomes more of a self-service model.

This makes innovation & transformation take up the pace, with faster processes and lesser resources to rely upon.



  • Improving The Workflow

It is often noted in larger organizations that due to a lack of proper communication & integration in place, the entire organisation suffers as a whole. This leads to a lack of proper relations between teams and manual processes in place.

Bringing in apps & solutions from Salesforce’s AppExchange platform can help to digitise the entire process. These solutions are easily accessible on the platform and hence allow the involved departments to access the information from one single point.

  • Compliance

While compliance still remains one of the most important factors to implement all the methods mentioned above, AppExchange takes care of that.

Before diving into digital transformation & innovation, having all the permissions, compliances in order ensure that you sail through the transformation phase. It makes people trust the process better.

The AppExchange has certain solutions that can help you with the required compliance ranging from employees to company-based.


CIOs need to be the new drivers of change in an organization.

With the growing adoption of technology at all levels, any CIO needs to be prepared with their set of tools & techniques that can help an organization scale through technology.

Along with helping an organization grow, and ensuring proper adoption of technology, any CIO needs to look into how their efforts are generating revenue for any organization.

In order to ensure that as a CIO, you’re fully equipped, AppExchange helps you achieve that through its set of solutions. Keeping the fast-paced environment in mind, AppExchange’s large list of agile solutions enables an organization to innovate & meet its goals at the same time.

If not the only step towards digital transformation, it certainly can be the first step towards digital transformation in any business that wishes to scale.

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