Salesforce Took its Partnership with Microsoft to the Next Level

November 18, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

In a recent announcement, Salesforce has taken its partnership with Microsoft a step forward. As per the development, Salesforce is moving its Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure. Salesforce is also building new integrations between its Sales Cloud & Service Cloud with Microsoft Teams in order to make things easy for customers using both.

Salesforce first collaborated with Microsoft in 2014 & both the tech giants expanded their collaboration in 2015. Salesforce developed integrations with Microsoft products including Skype for Business, OneNote & Windows 10. 

Salesforce already has a stable partnership with Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud. This means Salesforce is now using all the major Cloud platforms to host some of its products. This partnership is a big boost to Microsoft as they are trying to give a tough competition to AWS who is currently the market leader. Microsoft already has a CRM tool Dynamics 365 which is a Salesforce’s Sales Cloud competitor, but the deal points that Microsoft is clearly putting all it’s money on Azure as this is going to be a huge growth driver for them in the future. 

The new integrations between Sales Cloud & Service Cloud with Microsoft Teams will enable mutual customers to search, view & share Salesforce records directly within Teams. 

Interesting to know that a few days back Salesforce announced a partnership with Microsoft’s biggest competitor AWS around the Cloud Information Model. While Slack, which is the biggest competitor of Microsoft Team recently announced a strategic deal with Salesforce to integrate its services. This proves that in today’s customer-centric business world, it is important for every service provider to collaborate with others in order to offer a seamless customer experience. 

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