Top 5 Highlights: Pardot August’19 Release

September 26, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

Salesforce’s B2B Marketing Automation Platform ‘Pardot‘ offers a full spectrum of solutions that helps marketers build meaningful connections, create more pipeline and help sales reps close more deals. In the lastest Pardot August ’19 release, the B2B automation system has upgraded many of its existing features as well as introduced few new functionalities in order to help B2B marketers drive more personalization and higher customer engagement. Here are our top 5 picks from the August’19 Release.

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Higher Content Personalization

Pardot has upgraded from Pardot Merge Language (PML) to Handlebars Merge Language (HML) in order to help marketers simplify the way they create content. Using HML, marketers can streamline content personalization. This will drive more customer engagement. HML is an optional upgrade. 

Drive More Insights from Engagement History 

With the new automated email types in the metrics shown in the Engagement History components, related lists & dashboards, marketers can drive more customer insights using Pardot. The new email types include emails sent from Engagement Studio, completion action, and automation rules. This will help in getting a better view of the prospect interaction with marketing content. 

Target Right Audience with Multiple Conditions using Engagement Studio

Engagement Studio users can now target specific groups using new complex rules instead of chaining multiple rule steps in order to find the target audience with just one step. Each time a rule has been created, the Add Condition button will appear. Marketers can use it to add up to four more conditions to create a segment they need. 

Track your Recorded Webinars in GoToWebinar

With the new GoToWebinar connector, marketers can track their Recorded Webinars in addition to the Standard and Webcast webinars. They can keep a track of the past 25 months’ webinar data including recordings. 

Multiple Tracker Domain Support 

Marketers can now segment vanity URLs by brands, products, and promotions using multiple tracker domains. This will allow users to choose the best vanity URL for their Pardot marketing resources. 

Apart from these five key highlights, Pardot users can now allow their prospects to resubscribe with the help of an automated resubscribe email. The platform also introduced a new import API to insert & update large sets of prospect data when synchronous completion responses are not required or when batch upsert limitations are too restrictive. 

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