4 Ways Pardot Premium Enhances Account-Based Marketing

November 17, 2021by rashmita satpathy

If you are a B2B marketer, you certainly know how efficient Account-Based Marketing can be for you.


Account-based marketing is simply based on the notion of prioritizing the important stuff, and weeding out the not-so-important ones easily. With account-based marketing’s focus-driven marketing efforts, your chance of closing a lead increases significantly.


Now that you’re able to communicate with your highly likely customers with an even more personalized message, your buyer’s journey becomes faster & tailor-made in accordance with their needs.


However, when it comes to implementing account-based marketing, there are intricacies at many levels that need attention to detail. Marketers need the right technologies to adopt the most effective processes at all levels.


One such tool is Pardot Premium. Launched in the latter half of 2020, it offers a set of capabilities that can help marketing teams with their ABM efforts.


Let us find out how Pardot Premium’s features can help you figure out the ways in which your ABM gets implemented.




Why Should You Adopt Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing has a variety of benefits that one should know before diving deep into this topic.

Before we come to using Pardot to implement your account-based marketing efforts, let us look at the benefits that it brings along.


  • Alignment Amongst Teams

Implementing account-based marketing allows cross-department collaboration amongst teams. So, that means, say your marketing team works on a strategy, the sales team creates their targets with respect to that strategy.

The personalized part of reaching out to each customer, and wooing them with well-targeted communication, is because of proper communication between the teams. This collaborative effort amongst the teams is what makes account-based marketing an effective way to get things done.


  • Create Business Relationships

Account-based marketing is essentially about targeting the right set of businesses to work with.

Hence, communicating with these high-value clients over a period of time means fostering relationships with them. ABM allows businesses to create these relationships with these accounts. The entire ‘quality over quantity’ conversation comes into play here.

Giving more time to these essential businesses will make them loyal customers of yours, over a long period of time. While retaining a business is one thing it achieves, these businesses turn out to be the biggest advocate for your brand over a period of time, through word-of-mouth & referrals.

  • Consistent Customer Experience Across Platforms

Account-based marketing’s first aspect is delivering personalized experiences.

These personalized experiences come with a consistent journey for your customers. Making each one of your accounts feel special over a period of time is a task of its own, and is certainly going to provide that consistency.

This includes your personalized content pieces, targeted campaigns, and tailor-made internal communication.

  • Streamline Your Sales Process

When you compare your conventional sales process and your ABM sales process, there is a glaring difference.

While one lets you identify the high-value opportunities, the other is a longer process. With ABM in place, your sales team can identify the high-value target businesses, approach them with a more personalized approach and bring them on board to provide an amazing experience.


This process will allow you to allocate time & resources in a manner that allows you to devote time to more important processes.




How Pardot Premium Helps You With Account-Based Marketing?

Let’s figure out how Salesforce’s Pardot Premium features can help you implement and even expedite your account-based marketing efforts.


  • Pardot Business Units

Pardot Business Units helps you maintain a global eye view while keeping an eye on the markets that you cater in.

With the Business Snippets feature, you can manage automation functionalities like business content, legal disclaimers, copyright information, messages, brand messages across many business units.

You can tweak your messages pertaining to the customers you’re sending it to. Say, APAC or EMEA, you can follow the legal compliances required in these countries.


  • B2B Marketing Analytics

Pardot Premium’s Marketing Analytics Plus helps you with the numbers that actually matter.



Its AI-based capabilities help you compile data for your marketing efforts and make a decision that is backed up by actual numbers. While analytics help you understand what exactly happened, its predictive features what steps you should take on the basis of these numbers. A data-driven approach at every step of the cycle allows you to maximize your ROI at every stage of the sales funnel.


The Pardot Premium’s features allow you to extract data from external sources such as Google Analytics as well.


  • Developer Sandboxes For Pardot

The Sandbox feature in Pardot Premium allows developers to safely test Pardot in a private setting before they open it to their customers. You can test configuration and its functioning before they go live and disrupt your business’s operations, in case things don’t go right.

The test staging environment in Pardot Premium Plus allows you to test new automation, permission-based user access, feature updates, and more.


How You can Sign-up a Sandbox:


  • Login to a Salesforce Full Sandbox
  • Uninstall and delete the B2BMA managed package
  • Install a Pardot Sandbox managed package
  • Configure the Connected App and Integration User permissions

  • Premier Plus

The Premier Plus option in Pardot helps you figure out tasks that matter.

The Premier Plus feature by Pardot allows you to gain exclusive access to a team of certified Salesforce consultants & experts who provide guidance, suggestions, support, and training.

What this does is allow your team to move on from administrative work such as compiling reports and focus on more strategic tasks & projects.


So, Ready For Pardot Premium?

Account-based marketing speaks volumes about its functionalities and importance.

Implementing account-based marketing in your organization is going to help you optimize your resources in a much feasible manner. And while that happens, the Pardot Premium’s exclusive features help you ensure that these resources are better utilized.


Want to know what Pardot premium can do for your business? Let’s find out today. Request a consultation today with our experts at Ceptes and we’ll assist you with the best features.