How to find the right Salesforce career path?

October 11, 2021by Sindhu M

Taking informed decisions in our life is a process! We make some good ones and miss the ones not taken. It is always important to consider factors like the strength, weakness, and consequences of any decision while making any call.

So if you have decided to make your career in Salesforce,  it’s time to understand what are the major job titles available on Salesforce, and what are their requirements and career prospects so that one can find the right Salesforce career path while considering one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing the right Salesforce career path:

Salesforce provides you with different career options suited to your skills, needs, and other requirements. Let us know more about these potential avenues to find the right Salesforce career path:

Salesforce administrators work with people and enable them to get the maximum out of Salesforce technology. They customize the platform by defining system requirements and make sure that the company’s goals are achieved with the help of the Salesforce platform.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce administrator:

The nature of work in this role primarily involves working with people to ensure that they do not face any difficulty in using any Salesforce platform. Apart from training users, they maintain the platform, help clients by creating reports and dashboards, and keep themselves abreast with any development or update related to their platform.

    • What is the requisite skill set for an administrator?

If you can interact easily with people from every organizational hierarchy, have good communication skills, address customers’ queries with patience, have an influential and motivating personality, and possess a solution-oriented mindset, then you should seriously consider this career option. 

Also, do not rule out this career option if you do not have any technical expertise or background knowledge of Salesforce. You can easily get any training through Trailhead or from other learning platforms without any difficulty. Once you clear the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam, you can easily kickoff this fascinating career that has the best of both worlds: interaction with people and working on the Salesforce platform!

    • Exploring the career prospects:

The requirement of Salesforce Admin is felt at every place where this CRM is used. One of the researches highlights the 400% annual growth rate for admins with an average starting salary of USD 79,000.

Similarly, many people go for promotions in their company once they get their Salesforce Administrator certificate. 

So choosing this career path will not only give you long-term growth and financial security but also provide you with an element of social interaction!

A Salesforce developer is primarily a software developer who makes app on the Salesforce platform with different codes. Considered among the most sought out job on Salesforce, Salesforce developer comes out as a lucrative career path for many coding experts.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce developer:

Compared with the previous job of Salesforce administrator, this work requires more technical prowess in terms of knowledge regarding programming language. The task sheet generally includes developing complex workflows, APEX developments, debugging, providing any technical solution to the team, developing solutions or applications as per the company’s requirements, reviewing various programs and other work, and doing any technical documentation, etc.

    • What is the requisite skill set for any developer?

You must have good problem-solving skills and must have familiarity with the programming language. Don’t worry if you are not a coding expert as you can have a command over the essential programming languages like Java and Apex by doing any training course from the authorized websites.

Make sure you are persistent and tenacious in your efforts as in case you get stuck in any problem or code, you have to ensure that you don’t lose out any hope on it as trial and error are the part and parcel of this job. 

    • Exploring the career prospects:

This amazing career opens the door for you to become Senior Developer, Architect, or Trainer. Since the demand for this role is getting increase day by day, you can expect an average salary of about USD 121,800-USD 166,200 for this role.

Therefore, unlock your technical potential, and go out for the promising and lucrative career of Salesforce Developer!




Do you know the meeting point of business problems and solutions provided by Salesforce? Simple, it is the Salesforce consultant. The job of a salesforce consultant requires him to assist the business in finding out the solution of business problems with the help of Salesforce.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce consultant:

Since most of the companies are still not well versed with the functions of Salesforce, they hire a Salesforce consultant to create and manage their business plans. 

Further, these people connect with technical staff and manage projects as per the needs of the client or business. They have to ensure the client-specific implementation of a salesforce project.

They map out business processes, manage the technical team, collect business requirements, customize salesforce programs, maintain client relationships, and engage in user testing, and training.

    • What is the requisite skill set for any consultant?

You must have good communication skills along with a problem-solving attitude for being a good Salesforce consultant. Further, your experience in any commercial or analytical role would add to your management and technical skills.

    • Exploring the career prospects: 

Being a Salesforce Consultant provides decent growth opportunities in terms of specializing in various Salesforce products. Moreover, you can get a handsome sum of money in your hands between USD 134,400 – USD 154,900.

After having some experience in this job, one can look out for the roles like Salesforce Industries Consultant, or Field Service Lightning Consultant!

  • Salesforce Business Analyst

Every company looks for a person who can dive into data, provide major insights, and formulate the roadmap to a successful business strategy from the data provided by Salesforce. This is where the job of Salesforce Business Analyst comes into the picture.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce business analyst:

A business analyst’s major function is to provide key insights to the business through data analysis. They design different business actions, devise business solutions, and explain them to key managerial personnel involved in the company.

    • What is the requisite skill set for any business analyst?

Apart from proficiency in using Salesforce platform data analysis, the business analyst must be well versed in business analysis, data management, and scripting languages like SQL, Python.

    • Exploring the career prospects: 

There has been a 240% growth in the demand for Salesforce Business Analyst since 2013, which is humongous in itself! In terms of financial incentives, you can expect an average salary of around USD 84,000 for this job.


Note: With so many different directions in front of you, it is natural to feel confused and anxious regarding how to find the right Salesforce career path. That is why we have given the work requirements, requisite skill set, and career prospects of major Salesforce career so that you can choose the best fit for you based on your experience and skills. Thanks for reading!