Now Develop Custom Email Widgets with New Salesforce Tool

April 3, 2018by Admin

In the recently concluded Salesforce’s third annual developer conference “TrailheadDX” at San Francisco, Salesforce has announced the introduction of its new tools in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio. In order to robust it’s email marketing services, Salesforce told: these tools will allow email marketers and developers to deliver more customer engaging content.

Developers can create custom content blocks or widgets in the Marketing Cloud Content Block Software Developer Kit(SDK) in order to make their email templates more engaging. The newly built email widgets can be easily added to the email campaigns with a simple drag-and-drop technology within Salesforce’s Email Studio. To take this one step further, developers can also incorporate Einstein Analytics, Salesforce’s AI framework into the email content blocks to add personalization.

For example, a holiday package provider using Salesforce Marketing Cloud could include the real-time weather report of any holiday destination using a content block in their promotional email campaign targeted towards their potential customers who have shown interest in visiting hill stations for summer holiday weekends. Moreover, the Marketing Cloud Content Block SDK can be augmented with Salesforce’s technology partners on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Dynamic email content that populates at the moment of open for added relevancy, is also a central component of Salesforce’s newly launched Enhanced Dynamic Content. The new email marketing tool allows Salesforce marketers to develop tailor-made email content for their audience segments based on the various demographic information. Both Content Builder SDK & Enhanced Dynamic Content will be available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio from next month onwards.