200OK by CEPTES: The journey from LwAPIC to 200OK

A product name is the first element that your target market will encounter. Sometimes we don’t get the right product or brand name the first time, which is entirely OK. As a company, it is vital to give your product a distinctive, memorable, authentic and enduring name. The name should be the one that sticks in your customer’s minds, builds a strong relationship and trust with your customers and remains relevant as the company grows.

In a nutshell, a strong product name will help companies to create a strong brand and reputation in the targeted market. Hence organizations need to choose a name that lasts forever. 

Advanced Integration Platform

In 2021, CEPTES Software developed a product, an integration connector built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, to help businesses integrate third-party APIs, cloud services, and applications directly or indirectly with Salesforce. LwAPIC is a Lightning integration platform that connects Salesforce (inbound/outbound) to any external system without coding.

“LwAPIC = Lightweight Any Point Integration Connector”

Developing an application or a platform with advanced features and functionalities is quite challenging, but deciding on a name for that particular platform because that name reflects the brand’s tone of voice. 

When LwAPIC was released, the company realized that the product was doing great, but the customers were facing issues with the name in terms of its pronunciation. Also, the name was not justifying the offerings. So, the company has decided to rename one of the most advanced platforms, LwAPIC.

Introducing 200 OK

Thus the experts at CEPTES embarked on a mission to come up with a name that not only justified the offerings but also helped customers to pronounce the name easily. The experts came up with the name 200 OK for the integration platform.

200 OK is the HTTP 200 OK success status response code indicating that the request has succeeded. The meaning of success depends on the HTTP request method: GET: The resource has been fetched and is transmitted in the message body.

200 OK resembles SUCCESS; this is one of the core factors that inspire the CEPTES experts to rename the integration platform from LwAPIC to 200 OK. Today the product successfully runs with the name 200 OK: The Promise of Security in Every Call Out.

Switch to 200 OK today and see the magic of this Integration connector in minutes.

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Partner Benefit with Ceptes

Partner benefits with CEPTES

Choosing the right partner is essential for achieving your Salesforce dreams and product success. And it’s a serious decision. One that could determine your project outcome and can have long-term effects on your business.

At CEPTES Software, we believe that a collaborative partnership offers up new opportunities for both companies in a variety of ways. A good partnership, in our opinion, is one in which everyone wins, and a success story is created.

A leading reason our clients partner with us is that we’re closely entwined with the norms of the Salesforce industry. You can rely on us for quick response times, creative solutions, and exceptional customer service.

As a trusted Salesforce partner to businesses worldwide, we have a proven track record of assisting them in bringing their ideas to reality.

Here are the top five reasons that encourage our clients to choose CEPTES so you can decide if we are the perfect partner for you.

A decade of experience

Since we opened for business almost twelve years ago, we are helping businesses get the most out of their Salesforce investments. With such a long history, our clients feel confident considering that they have a partner who is well familiar with their work. Whether your requirements are straight or complex, there’s a good possibility that our team has already dealt with something identical before and is fully aware of what it takes to succeed in your project.

Passionate and qualified experts

Over 90% of our team members are Salesforce certified. In addition to their competence, our experts are passionate about assisting our clients in achieving success. Look no further if you want assurance that your partner will be there for you when you need them. We will put all of our attention into assisting you in resolving your problems from the moment of our initial contact.

Our CSAT score of over 95% reflects that one of the primary factors in why clients select us as their partner and stick with us over the long term is the quality of service we offer. 

Global knowledge

We have worked with more than 1000 customers globally across 5 continents. Due to our extensive experience at the top of the IT industry, we have knowledge in a variety of sectors. No matter where in the world you are or whatever is your target market, CEPTES has the global infrastructure, in-depth understanding of local regulations, and track record of market success to support you.

Proactive approach

We continually work to find solutions, even for problems our clients aren’t yet aware of, because we have a great sense of identification with client projects. To achieve this, we leverage cutting-edge technologies and our business acumen. 

We feel a responsibility to get the best for our clients. Having a sense of duty drives us to constantly look for ways to offer value, solve issues before they arise, and follow client standards with enthusiasm.

Unique strategies

Our approach is undoubtedly innovative. We are always seeking new ways to execute the projects accurately and with minimal resources. Likewise, we aim to make the most of Salesforce’s technological advancements. 

We carefully choose teams for each project to ensure that the people with the most relevant technical expertise are paying close attention to each stage.

Bottom line:

With a global footprint and a history of innovation and customer satisfaction, we can assist you in pioneering, expanding your foothold, and boosting business success.

Owing to our industry presence of 11 years & comprehensive range of technological solutions, we can assure you successful business outcomes along with an augmented market worth.


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Salesforce Consulting Companies

Top 15 Salesforce Consulting Companies -2022 (Appexchange Reviews , Projects..)

Salesforce consulting is the process of identifying, evaluating, analyzing and implementing the right Salesforce solution that addresses current business objectives. 

The greatest benefit of hiring a Salesforce consulting Partner is the ability to add additional value during your Salesforce implementations. These companies provide leading Salesforce consultants and experts who are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals as quickly and easily as possible. 

Our mission is to help you get the most out of Salesforce. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best and most trusted Salesforce consulting companies that are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through customized salesforce roadmaps and custom workbooks.


What are the advantages of partnering with Salesforce consultants?

Salesforce consulting is one of the most in-demand services worldwide. Businesses seek partners with such enterprises to boost their profits, sales, and customer service. As a result of the rising demand, various Salesforce consulting services companies have sprung up.

Salesforce Consulting firms help businesses achieve their objectives by aiding them with Salesforce deployment, data integration, customization, AppExchange, and other activities. 

Companies/businesses who require assistance with software migration, implementation, systems integration, and custom application development can turn to these companies for aid. They demonstrate their expertise by maintaining current Salesforce certifications and displaying portfolios of successful projects. They assist you in improving and growing your business while also increasing your experience. 

The benefits of partnering with salesforce consultants are:-

  • Simplifies operations
  • Ensures effortless salesforce implementation
  • Save time
  • Enhances productivity
  • Helps to evaluate processes and strategies
  • Improves decision making
  • Boost ROI

Choosing the ideal salesforce partner can be difficult, especially if you have no prior expertise in the process. Below are the Top 15 Salesforce consulting companies based on their reviews and projects completed


#1. Iflexion

Appexchange Rating : 5 *****

Completed Projects : (35)

Iflexion focuses on Salesforce consulting projects of all sizes and scopes, addressing the needs of SMEs and large corporations. They’ve been with Salesforce since its inception as the world’s most popular CRM platform, and they’re now certified to assist you in leveraging its capabilities professionally. Today, they help businesses take their first steps toward business process automation, upgrade existing Salesforce-based solutions, and boost their operations with custom apps. 

They assist businesses with improving their Salesforce solutions by resolving performance issues and introducing upgrades through AppExchange plugins, custom-coded features and UI, or third-party software integrations. After examining the system, their team identifies inefficiencies and device solutions to address them and fulfil your requirements. Iflexion, a Salesforce consulting company, offers a comprehensive approach to solving business problems.

#2. CEPTES Software

Appexchange Rating : 5 *

Completed Projects : 56 

CEPTES Software understands particular business demands and helps you transform your organization beyond conventional functionality thanks to their decade of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and their work with 250+ customers throughout the globe from various sectors and sizes. They assist businesses in improving their productivity by providing multiple Salesforce solutions. 

You can work with Ceptes to meet your custom Salesforce development demands and provide you with the best CRM solution for various customer needs across multiple industries. They provide high-end Salesforce consulting services. You also can partner up with Ceptes for the following services:-

  • Salesforce QA services
  • Salesforce Analytics
  • Salesforce advisory
  • Salesforce integration
  • Salesforce customization
  • Salesforce implementation
  • Data backup & recovery
  • Field service operations
  • Lighting migration
  • Salesforce Development

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    #3. Abelian

    Appexchange Rating : 4.3*

    Completed Projects : 04

    Among the services Abelian, a certified Salesforce consulting partner, are Salesforce configuration, app development, system integrations, and support. Their staff is made up of seasoned pros with more than 50 Salesforce certifications. Abelian’s goal as a Salesforce consulting firm is to assist clients in creating a personalized Salesforce experience, which they execute using an agile methodology. 

    #4. iTechArt 

    Appexchange Rating : 5 *

    Completed Projects : 24

    With over a decade of experience in creating customer-centric solutions, we are one of the next-generation Salesforce consulting firms. iTechArt has experience in more than 30 industries, which means their qualified consultants have the essential abilities to dig into your company’s specific demands and objectives.

    iTechArt collaborates with fast-growing startups and cutting-edge tech firms to develop products that improve operational efficiency and customer experience and maximizes ROI. Through iTechArt’s Salesforce practice, you can fully utilize the power of digital, innovate at speed and scale, and achieve profitable Salesforce development

    #5. Bluewolf

    Appexchange Rating : 0

    Completed Projects : N/A

    Bluewolf works with and empowers small, medium, and big businesses to increase profits and revenues. One of Bluewolf’s key goals is to ensure that businesses provide exceptional customer service, increasing their reputation and customer base. Companies can save money on extra expenses, such as higher marketing costs, thanks to their excellent reputation. The company takes advantage of IBM’s dominance in cloud services to assist customers in meeting increased service standards. Clients can save money by implementing Salesforce and cloud services. It has substantial consulting experience in a variety of industries. 

    #6. Fexle

    Appexchange Rating : 5 *

    Completed Projects : 72

    Flexible Services is a top-rated Salesforce consulting firm in the United States and India that ensures you get the most out of your Salesforce investment. It also has a highly trained team of Salesforce consultants who leaves no question unanswered in providing out-of-the-box Salesforce solutions and the greatest of the Salesforce platform to bolster your CRM efforts. Fexle has acquired the Gold Consulting Partner badge, indicating that you can count on us for high-quality solutions. This Salesforce CRM software firm employs a highly qualified staff of Salesforce consultants, administrators, and developers who work around the clock to resolve all your Salesforce-related issues and create custom Salesforce-based applications. 

    #7. ScienceSoft

    Appexchange Rating : 0

    Completed Projects : 03

    Salesforce consulting services from ScienceSoft are designed to help you with your sales, marketing, and customer service needs. They leverage their extensive CRM consulting knowledge to help businesses in professional services, retail, IT, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and other areas reap the benefits of Salesforce implementation. 

    #8. Cymetrix

    Appexchange Rating : 0

    Completed Projects : 01

    Cymetrix is an offshore software development business and a Salesforce Consulting partner with experience working with customers across multiple Industry clouds. They will help you start and deploy Salesforce products into your business process by employing industry standards for Salesforce implementation by redefining your Salesforce Consulting verticals by Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud.

    #9. Extentia

    Appexchange Rating : 5*

    Completed Projects : 71

    Extentia is a Salesforce Silver Product Development and Consulting partner dealing in Lightning Ready services, third-party integrations, and AppExchange development. Salesforce’s app development team has a lot of experience in this industry. Aside from that, customers have access to a wide choice of high-quality and very effective Salesforce products. Service cloud, community cloud, financial services cloud, marketing cloud, and more are all included.

    #10. Zensar

    Appexchange Rating : 5*

    Completed Projects : 81

    Zensar has been a prominent Salesforce Silver Consulting and Implementation partner for more than ten years. It is well-positioned to lead award-winning projects for clients in the Insurance, Financial, Retail, Hi-Tech, and Manufacturing industries. Their CRM knowledge allows them to provide end-to-end modernization solutions for old applications. 

    #11. Strategic Growth Inc

    Appexchange Rating : 5*

    Completed Projects : 399

    Strategic Growth Inc. is a highly regarded Salesforce consulting firm. They do, however, employ more than 50 people. They specialize in enterprise application modernization, custom software development, and application management, in addition to Salesforce application development. 

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      #12. Creative Sparq

      Appexchange Rating : 5*

      Completed Projects : 11

      Creative Sparq is one of the best Salesforce Consulting companies in the USA. They have decades of experience offering complete digital solutions and world-class customer service. Furthermore, their committed team of professionals helps organizations grow faster by streamlining inefficient processes and implementing the appropriate technologies.

      #13. Cloud Analogy

      Appexchange Rating : 5*

      Completed Projects : 23

      Cloud Analogy is a leading Salesforce Development Company that specializes in end-to-end Salesforce consultation. Customization and execution are included in the consultation service. As one of the top Salesforce Development firms, Cloud Analogy tries to provide top-notch Salesforce products, solutions, and services to help businesses become more connected, more innovative, and sustainable. 

      #14. Cyntexa

      Appexchange Rating : 5 *****

      Appexchange Reviews : (35)

      Cyntexa is a relatively new Salesforce consulting partner with offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, and India. The company began operations in 2018 and has an entire staff of Salesforce-certified specialists to provide comprehensive Salesforce solutions. They assist businesses in planning, building, and implementing end-to-end Salesforce Development Solutions depending on their company needs with one of the leading Salesforce Development companies.

      #15. Ergonized

      Appexchange Rating : 4.2*

      Completed Projects : 08

      The organization is a Salesforce Consulting Company with over 12 years of consulting and development experience. Their goal is to assist clients in achieving their key business objectives in a more aligned with their specific needs and preferences. They help businesses implement Salesforce successfully and cultivate positive customer relationships. 


      There are numerous top salesforce consultants. However, not all of them may be able to suit your company’s specific requirements. It would be best to consider several aspects before deciding on an appropriate salesforce business. Services provided, experience, competitive advantage, and other benefits such as long-term relationships are all examples. These characteristics will assist you in finding the best salesforce consulting companies dedicated to meeting your requirements.

      Salesforce Consultant
      Salesforce, Salesforce Consulting

      Why You Should Hire Salesforce Consultant for Your Business?

      Salesforce is without a doubt, one of the most widely utilized business software platforms today. For businesses looking to manage their business solutions seamlessly, Salesforce offers a wide range of products and services – that can do just that and more. It’s a one-stop solution for companies to manage their CRM, marketing, and all of their data in the cloud form.

      However, many businesses today cannot get the most out of what the application has to offer. What goes wrong, you might wonder? What could be the potential flaws in their Salesforce implementation? To start, the software’s size and robust features mean one thing: it can be challenging to design, install, maintain, and use. 

      Therefore, considering hiring a trained and experienced Salesforce consultant to assist you to get the most out of this CRM, is not a bad idea. Doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a big company with thousands of employees, hiring professionals with a significant level of experience, skill and insight can only take your business up. A reliable and cost-efficient way- if you ask us. 

      In this article, we discuss a list of reasons explaining why your business should right away invest in a Salesforce Consultant. However, before attempting to understand all the benefits, let’s take a look at Salesforce as a platform.  

      What is Salesforce?

      Salesforce is one of the world’s leading cloud computing services as a software (SaaS) firm and specializes in customer relationship management (CRM). Be they Fortune 500 corporations or small startups, every business today is acquainted with the functionalities and benefits of the software.

      Some of its most products are :

      • Salesforce Sales Cloud
      • Pardot
      • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
      • Salesforce Service Cloud

      Benefits of Hiring Salesforce Consultants

      • Get experienced professionals

      Salesforce experts, without a doubt, have more expertise and knowledge of the Salesforce platform than your admin team. A Salesforce consultant can assist you in overcoming frequent roadblocks that they have when using the software for the first time as well as regularly. 

      They offer a well-established methodology with a broad viewpoint, so you can see how your consumers’ needs relate to your business more clearly. With the skills and experience of skilled Salesforce consulting teams, you won’t have to worry about losing time with Salesforce implementation.

      • Avoid the most common blunders

      Prevention is better than cure- businesses know this saying all too well. Even a rapidly growing successful business can become prey to internal technical issues, resulting in huge losses. Salesforce being a vast platform, it does leave space for such issues to arise in the future.

      When you hire a Salesforce Consultant, you get to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues that might develop with any CRM system, such as the fact that a specific solution does not suit your firm despite suiting other companies in your industry.

      • Stay updated with all the features

      Salesforce keeps launching updates, add-ons, and features, increasing the utility and efficiency of the platform. Salesforce consultants stay up to date on all the newest Salesforce platform updates, adds-on, and best practices. 

      They work with a large number of clients regularly and are well-versed in innovations as they emerge, keeping them updated on how to best use those changes to meet the enterprise’s goals. In short, hiring a Salesforce consultant makes sense because they are always working on the platform and can maximize Salesforce capabilities.

      • Support is always one click away

      You can always have access to the consultants in case any technical problem related to CRM occurs, and know that they are the best people to deal with it.  

      You can confidently transfer over support to the consulting firm once the project is concluded. Then you and your workers can focus on tasks that provide results rather than system maintenance and administration. 

      • Save time and resources

      Time is money in business and nothing is more frustrating in business than wasted potential. A Salesforce consultancy will ensure you are efficient with your time and resources. The professional consultants are experts at providing your business with tailored resources in a manner that is cost-effective and worth your time. Ultimately, when Salesforce is used properly, it can help you save time and resources across the board.

      • Save money

      Cost, maintenance, and human resources are all major determining elements that might result in a variety of charges. A Salesforce consultant does not have to work for your company full-time. You can employ Salesforce consultant(s) for specific project requirements, who are billed by the hour, whether you are a small business, a startup, or a huge corporation. 

      You may then use the Salesforce consultant’s experience for your specific needs. Further, there is no need for you to hire a full-time employee or team of employees as Salesforce admin, thus again saving you a lot of money.

      • Train your internal staff

      With the Consultant’s experience and expertise in this technology, a certified Salesforce consultant can also train your internal team and gain knowledge about the in and outs of the platform. A qualified consultant will also be able to assist you with future Salesforce projects, training, support, and issue resolution.

      To Sum Up

      We hope this article has given you an insight into how hiring a Salesforce Consultant can have many advantages. Let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments below!

      Salesforce Einstein AI
      AI, Einstein, Salesforce

      Salesforce Einstein AI – Artificial Intelligence for CRMs


      The world’s most savvy CRM, Salesforce Einstein, has taken technology to another level. It is artificial intelligence firmly integrated into the Salesforce platform, making Salesforce the globe’s most intelligent CRM. Salesforce Einstein is a conscious attempt by the company to make life easier for customer service reps and their administrators, and all CRM subscribers.

      What is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

      In a word, Salesforce Einstein is artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has been integrated into the Salesforce platform and developed by Salesforce to improve proficiency, free up time for customer support representatives, automate reports, identify errors, and more.

      Einstein helps organizations better understand their current and potential customers so they can convert more leads and provide better service. It also analyses your data and concludes it to provide reports and make predictions unique to your company, customers, and potential customers.

      What makes Einstein stand out from the market?

      Data is the foundation, and everything you do starts with the information you collect. Your customer data is already in the CRM, and Einstein can help you do something more useful with it. It combines the power of email, social media, IoT, and external data.

      This data in your CRM becomes the gasoline that powers your AI models, and because it’s already organized, Einstein can begin learning, establishing processes, forecasting, suggesting, and automating.

      The Einstein Analytics application can successfully investigate complex datasets. And you’ll be able to see all of your data in one place and apply insights to improve your processes.

      The Benefits of Salesforce Einstein

      Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Clever Data Discovery are all used to power Salesforce Einstein. Einstein models are made to order for each buyer. 

      With each encounter and piece of data, the model learns, self-tunes, and becomes more judicious. This aspect of Einstein’s intellect is now being incorporated into the commercial world by forecasting future behavior, generating relevant insights, and, in any case, automating errands.

      Here’s a quick rundown of the unique combination of Einstein’s advantages that sets it apart from other options:

      User-friendliness: Because Einstein is built on the Salesforce platform, it integrates smoothly with your Salesforce workflows. There is no need for data science expertise, Einstein can be used without prior training because it handles the data processing models.

      Customizability: In the case that cutting-edge modification is required, Einstein provides help that can be customized via code. Einstein examines whether the data models created are satisfactory and updated regularly.

      Salesforce automation: Einstein automates manual data entry and work procedures to do predictive analysis.

      Salesforce Einstein’s Role in AI Integration

      Here are a few ways Salesforce Einstein applies artificial intelligence to your daily operations:

      Sales Cloud Einstein: Sales cloud Einstein has a variety of capabilities, such as motion capture, insights on records, opportunities, contacts, and lead scoring, to help salespeople follow up on the correct leads and enhance conversions.

      Einstein, the Commerce Cloud: Einstein makes AI-powered commerce easier than you may think. Recommend the best products and deals expertly to boost order value using cutting-edge features. Model features include mobile site reference, design blueprints, order administration, Google Android Pay connection, and predictive sorting.

      Marketing: The AI platform allows users to forecast the ideal channel, timing, and content for a marketing message to reach your target demographic. It also helps you create campaign content tailored to your customers’ needs. 

      Service Cloud Einstein: Salesforce Einstein enables Salesforce’s contact ecosystems to automatically break down deep customer information using AI and machine learning in real-time. This component helps to provide a different customer service experience.

      The Einstein platform improves your CRM’s ability to break down billions of data points into predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations based on those findings.

      Wrapping Up

      Salesforce is ahead of the competition with the implementation of Einstein AI. Furthermore, the ability for independent developers to create bespoke apps that connect to the Salesforce Einstein network allows all Salesforce users to get personalized solutions for their sales, service, and marketing needs.

      Salesforce ensures that Einstein AI can handle a wide range of tasks, including lead generation, opportunity generation, email content recommendations, commitment scoring, post-classification, etc. And, because Salesforce is constantly adding new features, this list may become lengthy. Contact us for all your Salesforce requirements. We are a reputable Salesforce development company that will help you with the best Salesforce solutions suiting your business.


      Get in touch with us and our experts will guide you.

      7 Ways to Unify Data and Create Connected Customer Experience
      Customer Experience, Salesforce

      7 Ways to Unify Data and Create Connected Customer Experience


      Brand marketers and advertisers spend a lot of time coming up with unique campaigns, tactics, and processes while keeping prices low and assuring a solid return on investment (ROI). But the business dynamics keep changing continually, generating new trends in the market that businesses need to keep up with to stay in the market. Connected Customer Experience is one such trend in the Experience Economy which is making waves.

      What is Connected Customer Experience?

      The COVID pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives and lifestyles. People today are more connected than ever before, communicating with friends and family through various channels, and their interactions with businesses are no exception.

      Connected Customer Experience includes your client’s experiences with your business and the whole customer journey, from initial contact to becoming a happy and loyal customer. To keep up with today’s fast-paced business environment, you’ll need to design connected user experiences that allow you to acquire real-time information that enables responsive and relevant experiences across all touch-points.


      Customer Touch-Points

      (Customer  Touch-Points)


      People interact with businesses via various devices and touch-points, from websites to apps. What is the challenge? To create a connected customer experience, companies must find a means to connect all of these diverse touch-points and combine several channels.

      Building a connected customer experience is more complex than it appears, as it necessitates bringing together segregated consumer data, which is sometimes scattered over hundreds of systems.

      Role of Data in the Economy

      Data is critical for building unified consumer experiences in today’s business environment. To provide essential insights that shape the customer journey, firms must now be able to access and consolidate various sources of consumer data.

      Many marketing leaders are gaining an advantage over their competitors by leveraging data and using it to develop new, imaginative ways to engage their target audiences. Top digital platforms are employing personalisation as a strategy to provide an exceptional experience to their audiences, resulting in a higher return on investment.

      As a result, data is undoubtedly fueling today’s Experience Economy, and an innovation plan can assist you in thriving in the era of mass personalization.


      Customer Experience Stats

      (Customer Experience Statistics)

      7 ways to create the connected customer experience

      A defined roadmap around customer needs

      The first step in developing a customer experience plan is to develop a clear customer-centric vision that you can share with your team. Companies combine previously segregated channel strategies to create unified marketing, advertising, commerce, and service strategies.

      At the outset, a roadmap for product launches, marketing campaigns, and other initiatives can be established, taking into account top customer pain issues and technology and data. Make sure that this roadmap should be known by heart by every team member, and they should be incorporated into all aspects of training and development.

      Identifying Your Customers and their Needs

      Customers are important, but not all customers are created equal; some earn more revenue than others. The next step in putting these customer service standards into practice is to identify all the types of customers interacting with your web interface, customer service agent, or both.

      You must first identify these clients and classify them into several groups before constructing your strategy around them. High spender, regular shopper, and high influencer are common segment splits, although these are ultimately unique to your organization. You can create great marketing campaigns and strengthen your marketing, commerce, sales, and service teams because they will have access to all of the data on the customers they are dealing with.

      Creating a connection with Customers

      When a team member establishes an emotional connection with a customer, the best customer experiences are achieved. According to a survey, a company that optimizes for emotional connection outperforms competitors in terms of sales growth by 85 per cent.

      This is because word-of-mouth is no better way to develop your business organically. Happy clients are more likely to submit positive reviews or tell their friends about your service, which helps your company. Do you see how vital, connected user experience can be?

      Make a Measurement Model

      Because providing customer experiences necessitates a significant investment of time and money, it’s critical to demonstrate quick returns on investment through monitoring performance and effect.

      Some ways to achieve that include:

      • Auditing crucial touch-points in your customer journey framework to find measurement gaps is one approach.
      • Standardizing data collecting naming conventions across channels
      • Begin gathering relevant data as soon as possible so that you may utilize metrics to analyze the impact of your strategy and prioritize it.
      • Using critical indicators to get information on consumer engagement and return on investment.

      Unify your Data

      Today’s businesses employ a variety of applications to store their data. Various teams in the same organization may utilize different applications at times. The only thing this accomplishes is to cause uncertainty among the teams. Missed opportunities to track client journeys can result from isolated data.

      We now have the technology to integrate data across many platforms, allowing you to have all your business customer data in one place. Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager is the name of the technology. Data unification is a daunting task; therefore, unify your data using a use case–driven method before establishing your customer data platform (CDP).

      Invest in effective change management to ensure long-term success

      Change management is generally the last item on a company’s mind regarding digital transformation, yet it’s the most important. Make time to train your teams on your ideal customer experience vision. By explicitly laying out your freshly generated roadmaps, show how they are vital in achieving that perfect experience.

      Set up an input procedure for ongoing feedback on improving the experience once your teams have been aligned. Take client feedback seriously and keep your company accountable to avoid a disconnected customer experience.

      Continuously test, evaluate, and optimize

      Finally, use the metrics you’ve selected to track the progress of your customer journey and use cases to demonstrate success.

      Ensure that technical teams have an efficient means to communicate outcomes back to the business so that the roadmap can be improved continuously. You will gain confidence in the data as a result of this collaboration.

      Finally, have quarterly business reviews to bring together marketing, advertising, commerce, and service to examine the program’s results and adjust the roadmap based on the results.

      Summing Up

      Consumers today search for more than just transactions; they want to build relationships. Customers want a consistent, connected customer experience, which you can provide by encouraging API reuse. Are you interested in learning more about API Integration?


      Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away.

      AppExchange, PDO, Salesforce

      Salesforce AppExchange Pricing: The Definitive Guide


      If you’re seeking the best and most efficient marketplace to promote and sell your product, you’ve certainly heard about AppExchange. AppExchange is, without a doubt, one of the biggest markets that have ever existed. As a repository of valuable assets and information for both app developers & app users, the AppExchange enables developers to profit from their skills and businesses to improve their Salesforce Org capabilities.


      The marketplace has a wide range of apps and over 10 million app installations, with new products getting published regularly. If you set up your application correctly and use the right price plan, then the AppExchange market can be incredibly lucrative. It’s essential to start by deciding what kind of application you’ll be offering. It will indicate the competition level of your niche, as well as how much further advertising and research will be needed to start.


      All apps and services in AppExchange are divided by different categories, like:


      AppExchange Category

      (Source: Salesforce AppExchange)


      Once you determine the product category fit for your app, you can select your ISV program and monetization model. Before selecting the ISV program and monetization model, you need to understand the AppExchange pricing strategies.


      Register today for the webinar to understand what are the different pricing strategies you can choose for your product.


      AppExchange Partner Program License

      The primary step in launching your monetized app is signing up for the Salesforce Partner Program. There are 2 different kinds of partner licenses to opt from: depending on the app type you’ll be offering. The licensing you choose impacts what your customers can achieve with your apps.



      Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are enterprises that develop software for a distinct platform and application. It is one of the frequently chosen types of partnership by businesses wishing to monetize on the AppExchange via selling their application to the existing Salesforce users. Apps sold under this license are usually Salesforce ecosystem add-ons that let customers expand their functionality. Often, these apps are developed by entrepreneurs to address a market gap or improve CRM usability.

      An ISVforce-license allows customers to add the licensed app to the Salesforce platform, increasing the product’s overall value and making it more customizable for diverse business sizes.


      OEM Embedded

      OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) create systems or components used in another business’s end product. Their solutions are employed to fully utilize the other software. OEM apps are not Salesforce add-ons. One of the major advantages of adopting an OEM Embedded license is that you aren’t restricted to only selling to Salesforce customers. Developers that build apps in the Salesforce Ecosystem now have additional freedom and flexibility with this license.


      User licenses

      Your app can either be providing a one-time upgrade or monthly updates to your customers’ Salesforce system. Choose your business model based on the type of service that your app offers.  You should also assess how many users are anticipated to need access to your application in each customer’s company; if more users have access to your solution, it’s worth thinking about issuing licenses based on the number of users.



      Your SaaS product’s pricing can make or break its success. Setting the proper pricing for a SaaS business can be a challenge, but with the right plan, you can succeed. We can assist you with every step of the Salesforce process, from opportunity assessment to research to the final stages of the Salesforce Lifecycle. As a top PDO Expert, we’re a one-stop shop for all your SaaS needs.


      Join us for our webinar on “Decoding the secret of successful Salesforce AppExchange App Pricing” on 30th June at 10:00 AM EST., where our experts will explain and guide you through the many complexities involved in developing an AppExchange pricing plan.


      Limited seats available. Register today and confirm your seat.


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      Salesforce ISV Application Design- The Right Strategy


      Being the #1 cloud computing marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange offers an enormous market for CRM-adjacent solutions. ISV partners who leverage Salesforce efficiently can grow faster and gain a strong market position using the extensive AppExchange ecosystem. The Salesforce platform is considerably distinct from other platforms in terms of product development. It demands extensive technical knowledge of best practices, frameworks, and scalable ways. On top of that, passing the Security Review is rather challenging. 


      As an ISV, you can shorten time-to-market by partnering with a PDO specialized in development, legal, and technology. Choosing the right partner who can help you manage and comprehend Salesforce product management and market alignment is always a winning go-to-market strategy. Salesforce ISV application design can be completed in a variety of methods. We’ve laid out the optimal strategy, which includes certain tried-and-true concepts. Here are some guidelines you can follow to ensure product success on AppExchange.

      Assess Product Market-Fit


      To have the best chance of establishing product-market fit, you must first validate your idea. Your PDO partner can help you here.

      To launch a successful product, you must first identify the right product-market fit for your idea and then highlight the features that will make your application valuable to your users. It all starts with posing questions and then undertaking market research to ensure that the responses are as precise as possible.

      You can begin by asking critical questions such as, “What are the business challenges we can solve?”, “How are we solving them?” and “Who are we solving them for?”. Do solid competitive research, determine your USPs, and establish a product roadmap. 

      Project Mapping & Cost Estimation


      After determining product-market fit, you need to focus on architectural alignment with products for integration. It is critical to design a reliable, best-practice architecture for a perfect solution & user experience. After this, you can establish an implementation strategy and an MVP roadmap and estimate the associated expenses.

      Functional and technical architecture is critical to a successful product. To ensure that, you have to take care of many considerations.  



      Design Thinking


      Design Thinking

                                                                            (Design Thinking for ISV Application)


      With design thinking, you can offer a comprehensive mobile and desktop experience that appeals to your users. 

      Design thinking can be established through a variety of steps, including discovery, definition, UX design & testing, and auditing. 

      • The discovery stage comprises qualitative research & process assessments to better understand users & their needs.
      •  The defining stage is what connects internal and external employee experiences with business and technological capabilities to drive solutions. 
      • The UX design and test stage include collaborative revision and design validation. 
      • Finally, the audit stage checks design deliverables with development deliverables.

      Salesforce Security and Compliance


      Staying Compliant is the main delay challenge faced by ISVs. If everything is executed precisely, the procedure can take some months. Inefficient operations may double or triple the go-live time of your AppExchange product, putting potential strategic returns at risk.

      Most ISV applications have permissible identified vulnerability issues that need approval by Salesforce and going for a pre-clearance will save you from unnecessary delays.


      Connect with Us to get started


      Choosing a Product Development Outsourcer with a proven record of success navigating the Salesforce ISV process and team eliminates the ambiguity from app development.

      As a top Salesforce PDO specialist , CEPTES assists ISVs in navigating ISV, Product, Sales, and Legal team complexity, aligning a go-to-market plan and eliminating non-compliance risks.


      Click here, If you are an ISV looking for PDO services and let our experts take charge.

      A Guide to Salesforce Flow Orchestrator

      Salesforce Flow Orchestrator: A quick guide to look at in 2022 and beyond

      Salesforce is continually improving its functionality. With each new upgrade, the organization adds new features to make the current functioning system more efficient. The winter release of Salesforce has been announced. It includes a few new, but crucial, features and functions. The latest enhancements, particularly in Einstein Search and Flow Builder, have inspired administrators and designers.

      What is meant by orchestration?

      The automated arrangement, board, and coordination of PC frameworks, programs, and services is known as orchestration. Orchestration helps IT manage complicated tasks and workflows more effectively.

      IT teams should be in charge of a large number of servers and apps, but doing so physically is not a scalable technique. The more complicated an IT system is, the more difficult it is to keep track of all of the moving elements. Multiple automated assignments and their configurations must be consolidated among groups of frameworks or machines. This is where orchestration comes in handy.

      What is Flow Orchestrator and how does it work?

      Admins may create sophisticated multi-user, multi-step automated business processes using Flow Orchestrator by using clicks rather than coding.

      You may combine your automated processes into a single point of interaction using Flow Orchestrator. Orchestrator’s no-code method allows you to orchestrate and transform Flows into steps structured by stages. This technique provides several advantages, including increased flexibility in creating approval processes, improved ability to delegate work to any Salesforce user, and greater control over record lifecycles. It is recommended that you use Flow Orchestrator and order your Record-Triggered Flows using Flow Trigger Explorer to automate complex procedures.


      Watch a live demo on about how Saleforce Flow Orchestrator works


      What is Salesforce Flow Orchestrator, and how does it work?

      Salesforce MuleSoft Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which allows users to create bots to handle basic, repetitive tasks; Einstein Document Reader, which uses AI to scan documents and make decisions based on data found within them; and Digital Process Automation, which allows brands to create branded digital encounters without writing any code, are joining Endlessly Flow Orchestrator. RPA automates repetitive human tasks, such as data segmentation and data extraction, by using simple bots that proceed through processes like a human doing the same thing.




      Types of Flow Orchestrator

      Flow orchestrators are divided into two types:


      • Orchestration that starts on its own

      Our REST API or an Apex class are used to physically start an auto-sending orchestration. To be displayed on a Salesforce record page, it must be linked to a specific record ID.

      • Orchestration Triggered by a Record

      When a new record is made, updated, or wiped, a record-set-off orchestration is triggered by Salesforce. You have the option of starting the timer before or after the record is stored.


      6 Critical Benefits of Salesforce Flow Orchestrator 

      With Salesforce flow orchestrator, your business will get the following benefits:

      • Increase your productivity while saving time

      Only 25% of IT leaders feel their existing technology maximizes employee productivity, according to Salesforce. As a result of this stunning truth, new workflow automation technology has become a primary priority for increasing productivity.

      Flow Orchestrator provides a much-needed solution to this issue. It provides your team with the tools they need to automate complex, multi-user processes and approvals, saving time on projects. As a result, your staff will have more time to focus on key tasks that will add value to the company.


      • Anything can be easily automated (employee or customer workflows – and so on)

      The vast majority of people can give you a laundry list of processes that are repetitive and/or extremely manual, but they shouldn’t be. These manual processes create bottlenecks, offer room for costly human mistakes, and are generally difficult to control (which can prompt both employees and customers to stir). The problem is that for the great majority, automating them hasn’t been an option.

      Flow Orchestrator solves this problem by allowing Salesforce users to automate anything, whether it’s internal workflows for staff, external workflows for customers, or everything in between. It accomplishes this goal by providing insight into workflows and enables users to deliver automation with only a few clicks, requiring no specialized or coding knowledge.


      • No need to juggle various frameworks and no bespoke code is necessary

      How many tabs do you usually have open on your computer? Many individuals are embarrassed to respond to this question, however, it focuses on a much more serious issue: Users spend their days jumping between many frameworks, obtaining information and data from a variety of sources, and investing the fruits of their efforts in yet another collection of frameworks.

      Flow Orchestrator provides a unified workflow that eliminates the need for users to switch between frameworks by combining data and operations into a single flow. It can, for example, manage a statement endorsement procedure that spans sales, finance, and professional services from a single location. Importantly, this low-code approach removes the barrier to entry for this type of workflow, which has typically necessitated the creation of custom code and the use of specific assets to monitor it.


      • Improve your workflows by incorporating data effectively

      Data is one of the most important aspects of any successful automation. As a result, it’s critical that your staff can surely coordinate the necessary data into any automated operations.

      This makes it unsurprising that sending data into Salesforce so Einstein can handle it properly is one of the core functions of Flow Orchestrator. Einstein Automate allows customers to take more time to a higher level by ensuring that they can inject a variety of data throughout these procedures by making this data mix simple.


      • Increase visibility to help you get ahead of problems early

      Consider a scenario in which your team may spend less time extinguishing fires and more time focusing on critical areas. It would imply that everyone was focused on high-priority tasks that would help your company grow.

      Flow Orchestrator helps your team achieve this aim by providing monitoring tools that let them be proactive in dealing with challenges. It provides the vital visibility users require to spot issues before they get too large, allowing them to act quickly and effectively rather than waiting until the problem becomes much larger and thus more difficult to resolve.


      • Keep an eye on your orchestrations

      Orchestrator allows you to keep track of and smooth out your orchestrations. An administrator who understands their organization is satisfied. As you track the performance of individual executions, you can identify bottlenecks and opportunities with this component. Bring the results to your next operations meeting as proof of business impact or development opportunities.

      What are the Flow Orchestrator’s main structure squares?

      Stages, Steps, and Flows make up the Flow Orchestrator.

      • Stages – A phase is a collection of connected steps that are organized into stages. Stages are performed in order, and a single-stage in orchestration can be in progress at any given time. You set the conditions that must be completed for the stage to be considered complete.
      • Steps – Steps are built in stages and can be run sequentially or concurrently. Interaction from the user is required for intelligent stages. No user collaboration is required for the foundation phases.


      Salesforce Flow Orchestrator


      (Image Source:


      • Flows – Flows are a piece of Salesforce Automation that is used in the orchestration process. Screen flow is required for intuitive stages, whereas auto-launched flow is required for foundation steps.

      When should Flow Orchestrator be used?

      Flow Orchestrator can be used in multiple ways to help businesses succeed. A Service Delivery Orchestration (where multiple teams must perform different steps in a client conveyance process in a specific order) and a multi-individual endorsement or acceleration process (where a record must be passed to various team members based on the criteria it enters the Orchestration with) are two examples.


      Flow Orchestrator’s no-code method allows you to orchestrate and transform Flows into steps structured by stages. This technique provides several advantages, including increased flexibility in creating approval processes. Flow Orchestrator offers a much-needed solution to this issue.

      It provides your team with the tools they need to automate complex, multi-user processes and approvals. Flow Orchestrator allows you to keep track of and smooth out your orchestrations. As you track the performance of individual executions, you can identify bottlenecks and opportunities. It provides vital visibility users require to spot issues before they get too large – allowing them to act quickly and effectively.

      Salesforce, Salesforce Essentials

      5 Tools For Salesforce Org Health Check

      Salesforce as a platform provides valuable functionalities for businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, when it comes to implementing the right Salesforce strategy suitable for your business, it has a lot of gears involved in working together. Apart from your regular operations of the organization, there arises a requirement to ensure that it runs seamlessly.

      Instead of waiting for a disaster to approach and hinder your operability, a regular health check can allow you to keep security risks at bay and operate free from any unforeseen issues. Salesforce org health check can be a proactive method to ensure that your organization’s digital operations run securely and perform efficiently, providing you an edge over your competition.

      What is Salesforce Org Health Check?


      A Salesforce Org Health Check can be considered as a regular health check-up at your doctor’s, allowing you to ensure that everything is working perfectly fine. Apart from the good stuff, it will enable you to leverage any impending dangers that might be hanging over your organization.

      A detailed Salesforce health check gives you details about your org’s processes, security settings, and workflows, giving your team a heads up on any of the issues and resolving them.

      Why Should You Go For A Salesforce Org Health Check?


      A routine Salesforce Org Health Check has its own set of advantages. Apart from a routine update, it also helps you identify certain loopholes that might go unnoticed otherwise.

      • Improved efficiency of your Salesforce org, leading to better ROI
      • Provides a detailed view of how to move forward with your Salesforce org’s optimization
      • Allows you to give a clear picture of your Salesforce org’s data security
      • Improved user adoption and overall productivity

      Tools To Conduct Salesforce Org Health Check

      • Apex PMD Tool

      PMD Tool is a popular source code analyzer for Java and many more languages. Salesforce recently collaborated with open source developers to create a powerful and equally functional tool called Apex PMD which supports Apex language.

      Being a free tool, it is easily accessible and looks into two types of issues- DML operations or software queries within a loop. Using its functionalities, it can find out the deviations of Salesforce best practices. Common programming flaws like unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creations, etc., can be easily looked into using Apex PMD.

      You can also create Salesforce org error reports using the Apex PMD tool.

      • Salesforce Health Checker Tool

      If you’re a Salesforce Administrator, you can use its in-built health checker tool to find and analyze errors and vulnerabilities in your org from a single dashboard.

      What makes Salesforce’s health checker tool even better is that you can compare it with Salesforce’s yardstick standard scores against your health check score. This tool defines risks based on its volume of impact and risks, ranging from low to high, allowing you to prioritize them accordingly.

      The Salesforce Health Checker Tool is free and provides faster results. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to set up and use it quite efficiently within your organization.

      • Check Marx Apex Code Scanner

      Again, powered by Salesforce, the Check max Apex Code Scanner effectively runs an org health check. The Check Marx scanner runs as a security check on your Salesforce org and gives a detailed report of the risks and loopholes based on the quality of code and security. As it runs the test, it compares it with the Salesforce baseline standards and best practices.

      It is often referred to as the tool that provides the most accurate information in code security. It involves three easy steps to use- visit the portal, type in your Salesforce instance and choose the type of scan you want to run. There’s an option to use a Security Profile Quality Profile or both before going for the scan.

      You will receive a detailed report in your connected email with the risks identified and the most effective ways to rectify them as you submit them.

      It is a paid tool available at $59k per year for 12 developers. However, it is worth the cost considering the degree of functionalities available.

      • Manual Org Assessment

      A manual org assessment is an alternative if you don’t want to go for any of the available tools. It can be considered in situations where your internal team has the expertise and knows your Salesforce org inside out.

      However, before going for a manual org assessment, it is always recommended to have a process in place. A checklist of sorts, if you may.

      Some of the criteria you can base your manual org assessment upon are:

        • Data storage
        • License usage
        • Workflows vs Triggers implementation
        • Batch classes and scheduler per object
        • Record and ownership skews
        • Standard vs custom development
        • Custom setting or Metadata configuration for controlling Triggers

      • Salesforce Accelerator

      Salesforce Accelerator is an underrated tool to make your Org health great again.

      It is an on-demand tool and is usually available if a user is facing issues with their Salesforce instance to get individualized technical support from their team. This tailored guidance can allow you to resolve the problems within your Salesforce Org and bring it back up and running in no time.

      This service from Salesforce is available to businesses as part of the Salesforce Premier Success Plan. You need to submit a request on the Help and Training portal, and a certified specialist will get in touch with you. These specialists then go through your Org’s risks and vulnerabilities in around 3-4 weeks and provide you with a report of the issues for the same.

      The Salesforce Accelerator can turn out to be an excellent tool in case you believe that your organization has the resources to become a part of the Premier Success Plan, allowing you on-time reports from within Salesforce.


      Conclusion: A Thorough Org Health Check Improves Productivity


      A balanced and routine Org health check is a reality check on how your current Salesforce org is functioning and what can be improved about it for better results.


      If you are a business looking forward to technical support for your Salesforce Org’s health, Get in touch with us at CEPTES. With over a decade of experience and a 200+ strong team of Salesforce experts, we’re here to ensure that your business can embrace Salesforce more effectively, leading to higher ROI.