The Vogue Chronicles: A Journey through the Vivid and Vibrant AIKYAM Experience

July 20, 2023by Deeshna C

It’s time to relax, relieve, recharge, and reconnect…Because AIKYAM 2023 has ended up on a high and memorable note. With vibrant walls creating vivid memories and opening a big chance to vogue with our peers, the much-awaited CEPTES tech event turned out to be one for the books.  

For the first time ever, we hosted AIKYAM for two consecutive days this time. The first day was a pure tech event that pictured what the future holds for CEPTES and our exceptional products, wherein the second day was a family event, where we invited our family for a full day of unlimited fun.

AIKYAM 2023-Internal tech event at CEPTES

It was a never-like-before experience for us. We couldn’t get over the incredible energy that AIKYAM radiated. So, here we are narrating the summary for you. These are the major highlights from the best of tech events in our history, which left a mark on our hearts. 

#1. Big Announcement for a Family Member 

Putting an end to anticipations, Harish Kumar, our Co-founder and CEO, welcomed our new addition to the DataArchiva family. Amidst a crowd of eager attendees, he unveiled the mascot for DataArchiva and named it as BaAr. Inspired by the charming Dart frogs from the Amazon Rain Forest, our marketing team poured their creativity and tireless efforts into crafting a figure that took everyone’s breath away. BaAr truly captured the essence of our flagship brand Datarchva and left everyone mesmerized with its charm and appeal.

BaAr - The DataArchiva mascot

#2. Five Years of DataArchiving 

AIKYAM has been the stage to celebrate the remarkable fifth anniversary of DataArchiva. BaAr marked the exciting beginning of the grand celebration commemorating the five years of success achieved by the most recommended data archiving app ever built for Salesforce. It was here, amidst the vibrant vibes of AIKYAM, we gathered to celebrate and honor the amazing milestones that DataArchiva has crossed in its journey to half decades. Beginning with a cake-cutting ceremony by Harish along with the chief guests, the event marked a testament to our collective success. 

Five years of DataArchiva

#3. Pitch Fest: The Epic Battle of Demos 

It was truly a can’t miss experience! For the first time, we witnessed a dynamic demo competition of diverse teams in our courtyard. Pitch Fest has provided a golden opportunity for our five internal teams to showcase the demo of their allocated products within a time span of three minutes without the usage of screens. We have witnessed the sheer efforts that each team has put into the table to pitch their products in the most succinct way by strictly following guidelines. After crucial judgments by our four-member panelists, Team Marketing left the competitors in the dust and declared the winner.

Pitch Fest - The Demo competition

#4. The Strategic Roadmap to Future

We were just blown away by the insightful sessions of different product teams of CEPTES including Human Resources, Research and Development (R&D), Marketing, and Sales. The sessions took to the next level as some departments made big announcements on the innovation front of different products and departments. 

Starting with the Human Resources department, the speakers have shared in-depth insights into the modern strategies for the changing dynamics of workplaces and employee wellness. Nextly, the most anticipated session of R&D generated curiosity with the big announcements of Org to Org Seeding for our data management suite and Selective Recovery for our product DataArchiva Backup (for S3 users). 

Sessions at AIKYAM 2023

Nextly, as the Sales Team took the stage, we were knocked out to learn the key tickets that XfilesPro and DataArchiva have closed in the last year. The unveiling of our Sales team’s roadmap for the future left us exhilarated, as we eagerly anticipate our organization’s forthcoming leap forward.

Finally, it was Team Marketing that surprised CEPTESIANS through remarkable numbers. As the speakers showcased the substantial growth in the number of leads, website traffic, and user engagements, along with their clear vision for the future, we were thrilled to see the ROI that our marketing team is driving to the organization. 

#5. A Spectacular Union of Families 

As you already learned, day 2 of AIKYAM was an exceptional one with the gathering of our families. We brought our dearest ones to the workplace, which provided them a chance to vogue with our peers and their families. CEPTES hosted varied fun activities to engage our loved ones and gave them countless memories to cherish for a long time. 

Family union at AIKYAM 2023-Ceptes tech event

#6. The Vogue Excellence Awards

It was high time to recognize the stars! Similar to the previous year, AIKYAM provided a platform to recognize the exceptional achievers of CEPTES on the second day of the event. As our leaders teased out the most talented and dedicated employees from their respective teams, the Vogue Excellence Awards has been something that is worth waiting for. And, the best part was that the awardees could receive their token of appreciation in the presence of their loved ones. 

The Vogue Excellence Award at AIKYAM 2023

#7. Team Vogue Fiesta: The Fashion Show

This is where we truly embodied the V3 concept: Vivid, Vibrant, and Vogue. We hosted a captivating fashion show competition where different teams at CEPTES slayed on the red carpet floor in their stylish attires and showed their impressive moves. Each team was asked to strike a pose that would turn heads. And once again, Team Marketing stole the spotlight with their enchanting looks and mesmerizing performance, earning them the crown.

Fashion show at AIKYAM 2023-The CEPTES tech event

#7. Boundless Energy and Networking 

We connected, conversed, and learned — all while having unlimited fun. With short dramas, games, dance parties, lucky draw competitions, yummy luncheon, and other small elements that put a smile on each of our faces, AIKYAM transcended being a mere gathering and became a truly rejuvenating experience for us at CEPTES. The fun had amplified even more with the arrival of our family members on the second day. Overall, AIKYAM refueled our souls with more spirits and provided us with an experience like no other.

The Power of V3-Vivid, Vibrant, and Vogue 

AIKYAM 2023 was a splendid experience that leveraged the concept of V3. In a nutshell, it’s a precious gift that CEPTES provides to us every year to recharge us with good memories and empower us to innovate further. Worthing the long wait, AIKYAM buttoned up on a high note on 15th July 2023.