#WomenWhoLead: This International Women’s Day, Let’s meet a woman who has been a force behind our success

March 11, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

This International Women’s Day, Pledge 1% celebrated the success of inspiring women across the globe who are driving significant changes in their companies and communities. As a Pledge 1% member, it is a proud moment for us that one of our women leaders ‘Ruchi Saxena‘ was featured in the list of #WomenWhoLead.

Ruchi has been a part of CEPTES for the past three years and currently working as a Team Lead and managing several key projects. She has been exceptionally good in her job and is one of our prominent leaders. The thing which makes Ruchi different from others is her favorable initiatives beyond her regular job that inspire everyone in the workplace. She has been a driving force in her own team’s success and it is her outstanding leadership skills & commitment for customer success, which makes Ruchi & her entire team one of our greatest assets. Ruchi’s experience, knowledge, and excellent problem-solving skills make her an exemplary strategist and her critical project management skills make her an even better executor.

In her recent interaction with the Pledge 1% team, Ruchi described various aspects of her job responsibilities and her advice for young women professionals who want to achieve the highest success in their professional careers. As per Ruchi, there are two factors which are extremely crucial to excel in life: Focus & Confidence. Having a vision and purpose in professional life is extremely important. Ruchi also advised the young women professionals that there is no harm in saying ‘No’ to something if you are not committed or ready for that. It’s better to say NO, than regret. And the keys to be successful are commitment and hard work. There is no substitute for these.  

Ruchi has been a pillar of inspiration to many women employees in CEPTES. As a leader, mentor, colleague, and friend, she has been driving positive changes to our organizational culture & project delivery teams. Her contributions towards our Pledge 1% initiatives in order to give back to the community are admirable. She had successfully managed various Pledge 1% drives for CEPTES in the past and has been one of those personalities who lead from the front and set an example for others. We wish she keeps on inspiring others and be the force behind our success.

Read Ruchi’s complete interaction with Pledge 1% here.