AIKYAM 2022 – The 1st Ever CEPTES Tech Summit: Top 5 Takeaways

July 12, 2022by Shreshth Tiwari

For the first time ever, we brought together product experts, learning sessions, industry leaders, innovation, and fun – all into one epic event called ‘AIKYAM’. AIKYAM, the first-ever, one-of-its-kind CEPTES Tech Summit has its magic all over with some indelible moments. The event was based on three amazing aspects of our success #Unity #Wisdom & #Enlightenment.

The one-day-long event which took place on July 2nd in Bengaluru sprung over unveiling another innovative CEPTES workspace ‘Gurukul’ to witnessing a Keynote by the leadership with some thrilling announcements. Then followed by multiple sessions from various teams including Product R&D, Development, QA, Support & Implementation, Sales, Marketing, etc., where the respective speakers highlighted their mantra for customer success & how they are going to drive higher success in the days to come.

AIKYAM had a lot to offer with some huge announcements, new product launchings & employee awards. Here are the top 5 key takeaways from the event.

Gurukul: A State-of-Art for Product Innovation

We have uncovered a new home close to nature for product innovation. The most awaited CEPTES’s Gurukul premises has been extended for around-the-clock access where developers, quality analysts, product implementers, customer support agents, product marketers, sales reps & other teams can collaborate with each other in a new-age open workspace. Gurukul offers an environment where we take a lot of energy from plants & trees in order to focus more on product innovation. AIKYAM started with the Gurukul Logo unveil, followed by a session that talked about the place & how we took inspiration from the ancient Vedas in order to make the place unique and the best to work. 

CEPTES Gurukul

Taking the Product Journey to a Whole New Level

The entire day was packed with many engaging product sessions from various internal business divisions where they revealed the future roadmaps of each & every product. CEPTES, which is a Salesforce Consulting & ISV partner, has 7+ AppExchange applications including DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, DataBakup, XfilesPro, DocuPrime, RealE 360, and 200Ok for different business use cases.


  • Next-gen Data Archiving Service to Salesforce Customers: During AIKYAM, the product R&D spoke about how they are taking our Salesforce archiving applications DataArchiva (Native) & DataConnectiva (External Cloud) to a different level with some extra-ordinary new features & enhancements. Particularly DataConnectiva will offer Salesforce customers some impeccable capabilities including advanced reporting & dashboard that will help them achieve much more than simple archiving in Salesforce. 


  • A Reimagined DataBakup: DataBakup, our data backup & recovery application for Salesforce has been completely reimagined with some amazing features and innovation. The R&D team introduced new features of DataBakup including multi-cloud support & transformational on-premise system support for Salesforce data backup. With DataBakup, now Salesforce customers can leverage any cloud platform such as AWS, Azure, GCP, or Heroku as well as On-premise platforms to keep their backup data in either S3, SharePoint, or inside their Server Drive. With the introduction of metadata backup, DataBakup is now a complete backup & recovery platform for Salesforce that can help them perform the Salesforce backup activity in the simplest of ways.

CEPTES Product Journey

  • XfilesPro, More Innovations: The #1 File Management App for Salesforce, XfilesPro continued its unprecedented progress with another bunch of amazing capabilities. Salesforce customers using XfilesPro for SharePoint integration will now enjoy the much-awaited Tagging feature & Google Drive will now support Folder Syncing. Talking about the roadmap, the product owners presented some upcoming features of XfilesPro including File Versioning, Cloud Migration, Reverse Document Library Support, and much more. Another highlight was XfilesPro’s seamless integration with DataArchiva/DataConnectiva.

The Official Arrival of DocuPrime

A new product launch. AIKYAM introduced to the world a new CEPTES product called ‘DocuPrime’. DocuPrime, one of our most awaited AppExchange applications, is now available for Salesforce customers to use. DocuPrime is a 100% native document generation application for Salesforce that can be used to generate documents of any type. The AppExchange solution offers unlimited templates & versions, pre-filled business documents in real-time, support for any 3rd-party e-signature, document preview & edit, workflows & lightning flows, and much more. With an easy-to-use UI, one-click doc generation ability & advanced document management capabilities, DocuPrime is all set to transform the document management landscape in Salesforce.

Get the app here.

Introduction of CEPTES Data Management Suite

Among all those spectacular actions during AIKYAM, the most noted one was the introduction of the CEPTES Data Management Suite for Salesforce. It all started 8 years back when we launched XfilesPro for Salesforce file management followed by DataArchiva for native data archive, DataConnectiva for external data archive, DataBakup for data backup & recovery & now DocuPrime for document generation.

The power of these 5 amazing AppExchange solutions completes our Data Management Suite for Salesforce that offers data archive & backup, document generation & file management. All the applications are highly compatible with each other & can help any Salesforce customer achieve superior business results with a highly streamlined data & file system. Our DMS is completely aligned with Salesforce’s future roadmap & can be used by any industry.

CEPTES Data Management Suite for Salesforce

The Road to Dreamforce 2022

With AIKYAM, the road to Dreamforce 2022 has started for CEPTES. CEPTES is one of the sponsors for this year’s Dreamforce event and we are going to showcase our entire Data Management Suite (DMS) for Salesforce composed of DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, DataBakup, XfilesPro, and DocuPrime. Apart from these, we are also going to showcase our Salesforce service capabilities that include PDO, Managed Services & Salesforce Cloud expertise. To know more about our Dreamforce schedule, please stay tuned.

AIKYAM was a fantastic experience that had everything to offer. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.