Salesforce PDO: The best way to start an AppExchange Business

August 26, 2022by rashmita satpathy


For the past several years, Salesforce has been a massive success. For years, it has consistently been the leading provider of CRM solutions. Salesforce revenue for the twelve months ending April 30, 2022 was $27.940B, a 25.01% increase year-over-year, with 83 percent of Fortune 500 companies using it in 150,000 prospective enterprises. 

The main goal is to increase the number of products and businesses in Salesforce’s marketplace, allowing them to sell their services. Professional Salesforce developers, often known as Product Development Outsourcers or Salesforce PDO, help with this.

These PDOs are particularly well-versed in the technical aspects of Salesforce operations. They are familiar with the business models used by Independent Software Vendors’ ISVs. 

As a result, this post will focus on Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcers), emphasizing their key advantages, types, and how to identify Salesforce PDOs on AppExchange. 

What is AppExchange, and how does it work?

A marketplace listing on AppExchange offers a suitable solution or extension. It gives vendors a place to define their products in-depth, including pricing and support options, videos, and other content possibilities. Based on the solutions, these lists are categorized. 

To be approved by Salesforce, apps on the AppExchange must undergo a vetting and testing procedure. This approval procedure assures Commerce Cloud clients that an app (or integration) is secure, well-designed, and ready to use. SFCC customers are adopting fewer and fewer vendor integrations that are not approved on the AppExchange. 

What is a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) for Salesforce?

PDO (Product Development Outsourcers) are a Salesforce consulting firm with experience developing commercial apps. They are usually matched by industry and cloud product knowledge to provide product expertise, development, and technical support to businesses. 

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can use a noteworthy PDO to help them form good business values with their clients from the Salesforce software ecosystem, also known as the Salesforce AppExchange. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who integrate their existing systems or create new ones for the AppExchange marketplace might have a lot of success. Salesforce consultants with extensive experience developing AppExchange apps could save ISVs time, money, and headaches. 

Salesforce PDO

How does it function?

Salesforce PDO have a thorough understanding of the Salesforce system and can create apps to support numerous lines of business across multiple enterprises. Salesforce PDOs must have extensive Salesforce knowledge, a track record of exceptional project delivery, and a commitment to quality for product development services. 

Using a PDO can improve an ISVs chances of creating a fantastic solution because most PDOs use solid configuration and UX design standards with native Salesforce frameworks.

It’s not enough to have solid Salesforce development skills. PDOs understand how to design managed packages for scale, modularity, and varied customer host organizations and how to prevent common security mistakes detected during the rigorous security review process, which takes about eight weeks after development. 

It’s exceedingly tough to pass the security evaluation the first time, yet it’s critical for speed to market and gain a competitive advantage.

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What are the benefits of working with a Salesforce PDO Partner?

Certified Specialist, Certified Navigator, Specialist Navigator, and Master Navigator are the four clusters and degrees for PDO businesses. 

It might be tough to locate the proper specialist for your business needs because the Salesforce ecosystem is continually growing and evolving, and there are many Salesforce partner organizations. Selecting from the pool of Salesforce PDOs ensures that your app will be of top quality and that you will receive excellent product development services. 

PDOs are well-positioned to incorporate new features into the product roadmap because they stay up-to-date with the Salesforce platform and technology releases. They will always choose the best approach based on their experience with what has worked and failed in the past.

Some valid arguments for hiring a Salesforce PDO team include the following:

#1 PDOs in Salesforce are in charge of the entire product lifecycle:

Salesforce PDO can provide you with vital information to help with the future scalability of your project, from vision to delivery. Whether you’re just brainstorming or stalled in the AppExchange security review process, the PDO team is in the best position to deliver your software to the finish line.

#2 PDOs can assist you in closing a sale more quickly:

PDOs can accurately analyze the budget and schedules by executing a successful technical pre-sales process. This would allow the sales staff to quickly close the business by having all the answers to the client’s questions. 

#3 PDOs will assist you in completing the Security Review:

The Appexchange Security Review is a lengthy and challenging process. PDOs have a lot of expertise in navigating products through reviews. They’ll make sure the product is scalable and adaptable.

#4 PDOs can help with market strategy and consumer satisfaction:

PDOs can assist you in determining the appropriate method and gathering the necessary data to bring your product to market. They have extensive experience with the most effective business methods for promoting and distributing AppExchange startups’ products. PDOs can also advise you on if your idea is commercially viable and how to improve its chances of success. 

Hire Salesforce PDO

Salesforce PDO can assist with the preparation of technical documentation in the following ways:

  • The PDO team can assist your business get more out of a product or app idea by preparing and transferring technical information, codebase updates/improvements, press kits, integration APIs, and pre-sales campaign data.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Using a PDO to manage your project is faster and less expensive. You’ll pay less in the long run, and your software will be available sooner.
  • Passing the Security Review is a given: Your PDO will take care of the entire security evaluation procedure, increasing the likelihood of your product’s success. 
  • Salesforce development: PDOs must be skilled in creativity, product support, package review, and optimization, and they must also be familiar with several well-known Salesforce design patterns. This expertise will improve your app’s chances of being accepted by the AppExchange in a short period.


The Appexchange Security Review is a lengthy and challenging process. PDOs have a lot of expertise in navigating products through reviews. Partnering with a Salesforce PDO team to manage your project is both faster and less expensive. PDOs thoroughly understand the Salesforce system and can create apps to support numerous lines of business across multiple enterprises. 

PDO understands how to design managed packages for scale, modularity, and dealing with various customer host organizations. You’ll save money in the long run, and your software will be available sooner.