Salesforce Einstein Analytics: How It is Beneficial For E-Commerce Transformation

December 21, 2021by Ananya Mohapatra

In the past few years, automation has turned out to be one of the major aspects of business transformation.

Whether it’s a business or its customers, everyone is able to derive insights and value out of automation and other analysis tools.

When it comes to automation for e-commerce businesses, Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics has changed the way businesses have been looking at data. Its AI-based program allows adapting to newer data easier, accurate & faster than ever.

So, let’s find out what Einstein Analytics is, its features, and how it can help your e-commerce business transform into an efficient operation.

First, Let’s Understand Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence engine that is built and integrated into the Salesforce CRM platform. With Salesforce’s Einstein tool a business can improve its customer experience manifolds by deploying AI-based technologies at the places it is required at.

From closing leads faster to showcasing product options that your consumer might like, and even following up on time, Einstein can handle it all.



What Does Salesforce Einstein Analytics Offer?

In order for us to help you understand why you should go for Einstein Analytics, let us tell you what it actually does. The features we’ve mentioned below are the ones that align with your business goals, to give you a better context.

  • Empowering employees for decision making

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is the perfect tool to ensure your employees have a sense of accountability.
While the easy-to-use interface of Salesforce Einstein makes it a quite universal tool, the fully-accessible dashboard allows your team to take actions from one place.
This sense of accountability can certainly ensure streamlining of your internal operations and making dynamic decision-makers.

  • Combining data for powerful results

The tool can help you in data contribution from all the sources.

In order to ensure that there are actionable steps to be taken, you need insightful data. Salesforce Einstein allows you to connect different data sources to boost your business operations.

It allows you to connect sources such as SAP, AWS, Google BigQuery, and more. This doesn’t only make it a versatile tool, but very convenient as well.

  • Insights Discovery

While Einstein Analytics helps you understand what has already happened, it also helps you understand what might happen as well.
Based on the data that is served to Einstein Analytics, the Discovery tool can produce results that are predictive of the future and provide the best insights to you.

  • Predictive Customer Insights

Adding on to what’s mentioned above, Einstein Analytics can help you deliver insights based on your consumer’s behavior.
Say, a consumer’s usual behavior requires them to be reminded of checking out after adding items to their carts. The Einstein Analytics tool, along with Salesforce’s add-ons can help you identify these customers, and tweak your website to make the payment page easy to spot & access.

  • Personalized Experience

This might just turn out to be one of the most prioritized & best features of Salesforce Einstein Analytics.
The entire personalization experience relies heavily on Einstein Analytics, which then provides that very data to its other siblings to take action.

How It Can Help With Sales?

Einstein Analytics can actually help you in figuring out how to increase your sales. From ensuring an invested performance to figuring out what’s not working out in your customer’s journey, this Analytics tool can help you with all of that and more. Let’s find out how.

  • Performance

Your company’s sales team can look into how each and every aspect of the performance of your entire sales process.

From the first point of contact till making the final sale, every data point is accessible on one dashboard that makes the entire process transparent and easy to use. Due to this very feature of Einstein Analytics, it helps you assess the performance of your sales.

  • Forecast & Prediction

Einstein Analytics can help your sales managers estimate sales & revenue precisely.

With the help of forecasting tools, based on data provided by Einstein Analytics, a precise plan of action can come in place for you to generate sales. This includes when your data says the chances of closing a lead is higher when it is not and more.




  • Whitespace Analysis

In simplest of words, a whitespace analysis is figuring the gaps out in a company’s current business operations and figuring ways out to fill that gap with newer strategies.

With the correct analytics, you can get that done. Einstein Analytics helps you figure out ways in which your data points might help your business conduct sales, and improve its numbers over time.

  • Pipeline Management

With the help of Einstein Analytics’ real-time data updates, your sales team can look into the areas that are working, and areas that simply aren’t.

The various areas of data allow your sales team to look into the different stages of the sales process and how they’re making things work. Moreover, adding to this dynamic nature of the Salesforce Einstein platform, allows your team to take important decisions for better results, at a faster speed.

  • Automation

When you automate a process, you don’t just make it faster, but you get more time to look into other aspects of your business.

While manual data entry might be the way to go for many firms, automating the entire data entry process allows you to make it free from human errors. So, while Salesforce makes sure your data is safe, secure & accessible, your team can work on more important areas of operations.


Einstein Analytics might not just help you with what worked for you in the past, but what’s going to come for you in the future.At Ceptes, our expertise in Salesforce expertise allows us to ensure that when you implement Salesforce, you do it effectively. Want to know how Salesforce Einstein Analytics might be a game-changer for your company?

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