How to use Salesforce with a small team?

April 29, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

Being the #1 CRM in the market, Salesforce stands out among other similar solutions because of its high level of customizability, scalability, ease of integration, availability of a huge number of apps and most importantly because of its regular innovations. Today, Salesforce is not just an enterprise-level CRM. Organizations of various sizes and traits are using Salesforce and getting the best possible results from its robust features. However, to get the most of your Salesforce implementation, you need strong platform expertise among your internal team.

When a small organization plans for a CRM implementation, they consider certain aspects such as cost-effectiveness, easy and quick set-up, user-friendliness, highest automation, faster process with minimum clicks, seamless accessibility, scalability, and user adaptability. Counting all these factors, Salesforce is probably the best fit CRM solution for small organizations. A small company can grow with Salesforce, as the solution can easily scale itself up when your team grows. The robust Salesforce reporting capabilities can help you get the metrics in order to improve and develop as a company. But how to succeed with Salesforce utilizing a small team. Let’s have a sneak peek.

Create a Salesforce roadmap

Creating a Salesforce roadmap is extremely important for every small organization. A Salesforce roadmap should be the big picture including all the organizational needs and goals, available resources as well as potential challenges. However, with a well-organized list of major initiatives with milestones and deployment dates, a small organization can have a solid foundation to start with. An implementation roadmap can help a small team to assess bandwidth and priorities.

Leverage Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange could be the best place for a small team using Salesforce. There are a lot of apps available in the AppExchange and most of the apps offer essential utilities which can help a small team achieve more, reduce costs, and optimize business processes. It is very important for a small team to access the apps which can give you optimum effectiveness.

Use Salesforce Knowledge Resources

Salesforce’s Knowledgebase is the best guide when it comes to learning anything related to Salesforce. From detailed information to articles to discussions from other users to guides, you can access everything. Even if you are a beginner or an expert, you can learn from basic to high-level knowledge related to Salesforce. You can even build your own knowledge base.

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Try Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer is a tool available for Professional and Enterprise licenses with free of cost. Salesforce Optimizer offers optimization tips and ideas through custom reports upon request. Developed and maintained by Salesforce, Salesforce Optimizer will tell you which features you can use to get the best results and how to use your currently used features in a better way.

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Give Users a Voice

It is the users who will use the CRM at the end of the day, so they need a seat at the table when it comes to implementation and change management. It is very important to listen to your users, take their inputs and direct your implementation team to consider them.

Understand the CRM

Understanding your CRM is very crucial. If your users know how the system works, how to get the most of it, how to automate most of the processes so that you spend less time doing things manually not only saves time, but also maximize your team productivity. A proper understanding will also help in identifying where you require customizations and integrations. Salesforce can be best used when you customize it to address your specific needs.

Training Training and more Training

User training is a real lifesaver, especially for a small team where a single resource wears multiple hats. So, providing all of your users the best possible training related to Salesforce can later enable them solving issues all by themselves and help them play around the CRM. This will also evacuate the need for a full-time admin as a well trained Salesforce expert can do things efficiently.

Get in touch with an Expert when required

At times, it can help you save more time and cost when you take help of Salesforce certified experts to fix high-level issues or do complex integrations or sensitive data migration.

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